It is a requirement for my major for me to take a lass about what is in a computer and how it works etc. The class is one of the more boring ones I have taken because most people already know this information. Well, one day in class the teacher was passing around different pieces of the computer around the classroom so every one could see what the insides really looked like. Every thing was going fine for a while and he continued with he lesson. But then it reached a point where this guy had to pass the pieces up one row. I didn't think this was as hard as he made it since my whole side of the room had been passing it up to the next row without a problem but this kid apparently had no idea what to do. I am pretty sure, that if he had thought about it a little bit longer, he would have been able to come up with a better option then the one he did. Keep in mind that the teacher is still lecturing. This guy, instead of reaching up and tapping the guy or whispering his name or even "hey you", decided that the best way to get the other person's attention would be to simply start banging the computer pieces on the table. He did this not once but for about 10 seconds. He only stopped at this point because the teacher walked over and took them away from him. The stupidity on this kid was funny yet very irritating. Did he think that only the guy in front of him could hear it? I don't know, but what I do know is that this kid is defiantly very self absorbed.

we took Isabella to her six month check up today and she is doing great:) she is 26 7/10 inches long and weighs almost 18 pounds. Her head is still in the upper percentiles but since she is so long it fits. She had to get five shots today because josh and I decided to give her a flu shot in addition to her other four. Poor thing, she did really good though. Josh held her hand for me which was really sweet. I can't stand to do that. I usually hid in the corner so she doesn't know I am just standing there letting people hurt her. She has started moving all over the room now. She can't quite crawl yet. She can get her back half moving and her front half moving but not at the same time so she gets around be rolling everywhere. I figured that meant she could only go in a straight line but if she wants to change direction she just gets on her tummy and pivots around until she is facing the right way and off she goes. She also grabbed the entertainment center door and tried to open it this afternoon so it guess it is time to baby proof everything. I can't wait for her to crawl and walk, it will be so much fun!!!


Like many people this season, I have gotten sick. I wasn't quite sure what it was because I would be fine one day and then really sick the next day. Finally I decided to go to the health center at school. I figured they would give me some antibiotics and I would get better pretty fast. Well, when I got there there were only two other students in the whole center. I register and then they ask me my symptoms so I rattle the list off, burns to breath and cough, clogging in my ears, nasal congestion and burning from dryness as well as a low grade temp and a weird red rash in the back of my mouth and down my throat. After telling the nurse this she asks me to go and sit back in the waiting area. At this point I should say that when I checked in I filled out a form saying I wanted all medicines given to me explained. Well, after sitting in the waiting area for a few minutes the Dr. calls my name and I go back for what I thought would be another mild examination. In reality I only stayed in that room for roughly 45 seconds while he tells me my lungs are clear, my ears are fine and my throat is not swollen. I was in shock for a second and by the time I came out of it I was back in the lobby. It all of those things were fine then I must not be sick, but wait........yep there it is, I am still sick. Then the nurse comes out and hands me a bottle of super decongestants and walks off before I can say anything. I could understand being rushed out like this if it were really busy but there was more medical staff there than students.
I just don't understand how I have nothing in my lungs when stuff comes out when I cough or why I can't hear if my ears are clean not to mention that my throat hurts. This must be all my imagination. I guess I just enjoy being sick so much that I would inflict all these symptoms on myself just to I could feel like crap. Silly me, I should have know that the incredibly wonderful doctors at the health center would see right though that.
needless to say, I will not be going to the health center ever again if I am really sick with something. They are completely incompetent. I'm sure I could complain more but against the advise of my physician I am sick.


Josh and I missed our date last week. We decided to try and make up for it by going out to eat at Macados. After we found a babysitter we were off. We arrived at Macados at about 7:00 pm and there was a line. This doesn't happen very often so they don't really have a system when the restaurant is full. Well, anyway, there was a party of six in front of us and after they told us there restaurant was full we stepped back to make room for people were would get seated before us and so it wouldn't been so crowded. About five minutes later a young college age couple comes in and walks right past the people waiting and gets in the front of the line. Josh looked at me and said "I would feel a lot better if they were at the back of the line" I agreed and about that time more people came in and we had to move up so they could get in the door. After a few more minutes the hostess comes up and asks me if I was waiting for a tow top and said she would seat us after she rang up some people waiting to pay there bill. I was surprised yet prepared for what happened next. The guy from the college couple turns abound and says "actually we were in front of you" , without much of a pause I turned and said " actually we were in front of you but you walked past us and got in the front of the line" he looked a little surprised at this but backed down. The waitress laughed about it on the way to the table because she was surprised that he had done that and said she remembered us and would have said something if I had not.
I just don't get people. Why did he think he was first? The whole lobby was full of people when he got there. It just baffles me.


I love living in the mountains! With all the beautiful trees, streams and rolling green hills. I especially love the fall and winter. The leaves changing and the white fluffy snow. My cute little family decided to go and take some pictures, with Josh's digital camera which I a sure you have all heard about, at Grandfather Mountain and then blowing rock. I was then reminded why I hate living in the mountains, floridiots. They are everywhere and Blowing Rock is crawling with then. They just walk out in front of your car at intersections and then look at you like you have broken some law. I guess we should be grateful that they actually came to the crosswalk. They usually just walk out into the street and stop traffic in both directions. These people are also proof of an earlier theory that stupid pedestrians make stupid drivers. I can't get anywhere in under 25 minutes and without stopped for several people who can't drive and cut me off or hold up traffic because there reflexes are so slow that it takes them 8 seconds after the light changes to push their gas petal, and there are speed limits for a reason. If you don't feel safe driving the posted limit then you shouldn't be driving! I could go on about his for a while but I think I will save some for another time.


Josh and I saw this movie when we were at blockbuster renting a movie and of course I have something to say about it. I don't get the title. From Justin to Kelly, that makes no sense. I mean, is he writing a letter to Kelly, are they in a town named Justin and are going to travel to a nearby town called Kelly, or is he giving her a gift and just wrote on the from that it was to her from him? Who came up with this title, better yet who had the idea of this title pitched to them and said hey, that's a good idea! I think that title of the movie should have something to do with what the movie is actually about not just be place to put the actors name, that is what the credits are for. Just for the publics information I do know what the title is referring to, it just annoys me.
I was having trouble thinking of a post because I was on fall break and wasn't around anyone except Isabella but after spending some time with adults I have a post.

My mother did a very good job teaching us phone etiquette while I was a child so I am a little picky about how other people use the phone. She would teach us before we could answer the phone that when we picked it up we were to tell the person where they called, and who they were speaking too. This might sound weird or that it would take a long time but it really didn't and we always got compliments on your phone manners. To help everyone understand what I am talking about I have written the following. It absolutely drives me crazy when someone calls me and says " do you know who this is?" how rude can you be? Do you really want to play a guessing game or did you just forget who you are? Next I don't like it when people call and say "what are you doing?" and then have nothing else to say or were you really that curious about what I was doing at that very second that you just had to call me and ask? I also have a problem with people who call you from a loud place and then yell in your ear that they can't hear you. Did they think all the noise would stop as soon as you picked up your phone? Josh brought up a good one that applied in the pre-cell phone era. The question of
"where are you?" did you not just call me? don't you know where you called? You would probably be surprised how mush this one occurs on a house line. To help all of those people who have committed these blunders I have made a list of phone rules.

1) always answer by telling you name
2) always identify yourself as soon as the person answers
3) call only if you have something to say other than asking them what they are doing
4) make sure it is quiet so you can hear them and they can hear you
5) lastly, know where you called.


Time for the latest Jake the snake story. Our classroom is set up of long tables that seat four people each. This is the only big classroom on the floor and it is packed with tables and chairs so it leaves little room to move around. At my table we sit, from left to right, Jake, Nyssa, me and Mac. Before class started the other day Nyssa was standing at the end of the table where Jake sits. She wanted to get to her seat and said "Jake, I am not that skinny, could you scoot your chair up a little?" he proceeds to ignore her. She asks again "Jake could you please move you chair up?" what happened next was one of the rudest things I have encountered in a while. Jake looks at her, leans forward, like he is going to move up, and just as she goes to walk to her seat he leans back in his seat and makes himself a little more comfortable. We all thought he would then laugh like any normal friend would do and move out of her way but no, this jerk just sits there and makes her walk all the way around the table and go behind me and Mac rather than move his chair up three inches. Needless to say, but Mac and I gave him some really dirty looks and told him how rude he was being. He just snickered and sat there. I was wondering what I could put as the little moral of this story and I think I have come up with something that works pretty well. DON"T BE LIKE JAKE!!!!


As most of you know I am taking some classes this semester at ASU. I don't like to leave Isabella for any longer than I have to so when I get out of class I try to get to my car as quickly as possible. This is when I tend to meet the less than intelligent individuals in our lovely little town. I say try because I am rarely successful in getting there quickly. It has come to my attention that people have no idea where they should walk while on a sidewalk. I thought this was common knowledge but apparently it isn't. I was always taught that you should stay as far to the right as possible unless you need to pass someone. This allows for a smooth uninterrupted walk. If both people stay to their right then everyone has plenty of room. It would appear that most people enjoy walking right in the middle of the sidewalk and refuse to move even if they see you coming, so you are forced to step off of the sidewalk so you can continue on your way without running into them. Did their parent's teach them nothing? I just want to keep going and walk right into these people. This inconvenience is costing me precious time with Isabella. I hadn't really noticed that I was ending all my posts in caps until josh pointed it out and I don't want to confuse anyone by changing it now so here it is, STAY TO THE RIGHT ON THE SIDEWALK!


I know I said that I wasn't going to do any more Isabella updates but at the request of several people I have decided to give it one more shot.

I took Isabella for her four month check up on Monday. This was her first visit to her new doctor. I had to switch because her old one was not very good with infants and it was very traumatic for both of us. This new guy is great though. He let me hold her through the whole exam instead of making me lay her on the table and hold her down. She did great and only cried when she got her shots and for about ten seconds afterwards. Her new stats are in the 90% for her height and weight. She is now 15 pounds, 12.6 ounces and very tall at 25.75 inches. Josh and I are thrilled that she is so health and growing so well. She isn't enjoying the rice cereal very much. In fact I am pretty sure she hates it but I have gotten very good at making her eat it. I think I might lay off it for a while though since she hates it so much, I don't want her to start to not like feeding time. She still loves her bottle though. :) there you go, the latest Isabella information.

Since I just had an encounter with some people that got on my nerves I think I will share with group. I was driving down king St. In Boone on the way to school today at around 1:00pm. For those of you who don't know about Boone, king St is one of the worst roads to drive on except at about 9:30 am on a Sunday. I was at a light trying to turn left and I knew I was going to have to wait for the light to turn yellow for me to turn so I waited patiently. Just as the light turned yellow I began to turn and a flock of people walking run about into the intersection trying to cross. Hello!, did you think you could make it all the way across in the 2 second pause before the light turned red. Of course you couldn't, that is why the sign said DON"T WALK!!! I then had to wait in the intersection for these people to get across so I could then get out of everyone else's way. There is a reason for the crosswalk sign. In case you missed it, the crosswalk is this really nifty invention that tells you, get this, when to walk. So please pay attention and if the sign says walk then by all means walk but if it says don't walk then KEEP YOUR BUTT ON THE CURB!
(just kidding Justin, I wasn't mad at you but who was that guy you were with?)


Since all of you are aware of the purpose of this web site I think that the following serves you right.

I can't stand it when I write something and then someone writes something very similar to what I wrote and they get all the attention. Yes I am attention hungry. I don't think this is really my fault since I am a middle child. I need attention. I just see no point in talking at all when people are only going to respond when someone else hasn't said the same thing after me. It doesn't bother me that someone else said the same thing, just that no one even mentions that I ever said it. So just for future reference I will not be giving any updates of Isabella on this site. Since you all seem to enjoy it when josh does it better.

now on to "The Jake"( to emphasize the filth). I have started bringing a snack to class with me. As I was eating my snack one day I hear someone ask if they can have some. To my surprise, before I could even answer, I see a hand in my food. A hand that for all I knew had not been washed in days. I was in shock at first and then completely lost my appetite. This guy, even though he saw me throw away the rest of my snack has tried to do the same thing again to me and one of my friends. We now eat with our food in our laps or before "The Jake" can come and steal some. If you must ask for someone elses food then at least wait until they say you can have some. People have serious issues when it comes to things they want . They think just because the y want it then they should get it. Well, the world is full of disappointment, so I am just trying to help you experience life when I say " KEEP YOUR HANDS OUT OF MY FOOD".


Just a little happy Isabella update. Tomorrow is her 4 month birthday. Happy Birthday Punky!!!! She gets to eat baby rice cereal now. Let the messes begin. That probably sounds pretty boring to most people but it is really cool to us. It just gets kind of boring feeding her only formula after a while. I am sure she was bored with it along time ago though. She is sooooo adorable. I will have to post some more recent pictures of her. More stupid people coming soon. I just wanted to give everyone a little baby info.


My dear husband gave me the idea for my next post. It kind of reminds me of a Seinfeld episode and maybe Justin can tell us for sure. I think it is a mixture of a couple of episodes actually. Anyway, josh and I both have a real hard time with loud whisperer. You know the type, the person who is pretty much yelling (or at least talking in a normal voice) but they think no one can hear them but you. This can be really embarrassing if they area actually saying something you don't want everyone else to hear or if it is a situation where no one else is talking except your "friend". This can lead to some very uncomfortable situations. Josh encountered this last week at church and it was super annoying (it was tj). Like most people in sacrament meeting he goes there to listen and if he needs to talk, which he rarely does, he will whisper so quietly that the person he is talking o would have a hard time understanding him. Here is a good rule of thumb, if you can hear yourself other than in the echo in your head, you are being too loud. If you find yourself getting some odd looks in meetings when you try to tell someone something then you are probably a loud whisperer and you should bring a pen and pad of paper and keep your mouth shut.

I have decided to make this Jake guy a regular on my page. I think he has earned it. I will refer to him as Jake the jerk or maybe something a little more colorful from time to time. So expect more about him soon.


I know we have all worked on a group project at school with someone who knew everything. Well, at least they thought they did. I have had the pleasure of welcoming a new lab partner into my lab group in one of my classes. I'll call him Jake*. Jake is the type of guy that doesn't want to do any of the work himself but will be more than happy to tell you that you are doing it wrong. I made the mistake of volunteering to write down the answers on our last lab. Everyone knows that you can't write down everything your group says or the answer wont make any sense and you will find yourself quickly running out of room. Well, as I was waiting to hear everything they were going to say before I wrote anything down, Jake stops talking, looks over at me and says " are you going to write any of this down " I was shocked for a minute but another group member shot to my defense by asking Jake if he would like to do the work. This only shut him up for about 2 or 3 minutes and then he was at it again. I have decided, along with me other group members that we are going to let Jake do the work as soon as he tries to correct us. We did this last week and he didn't seem to enjoy it very much. That should teach him to correct other people, well, at least until next weeks lab. Don't be lazy and bossy. If you feel the need to boss someone around then be willing to do the work yourself, especially if you have no authority to be telling them what to do.

* no names have been changed


Just so those of you who come here to see me get really angry at people don't feel left out, here's one for you.

I went to the ASU campus today to pick up the Wednesday babysitter and I was shocked and amazed. The only other time I have come into contact with more stupid pedestrians is at Christmas time at the local shopping center. There were people just walking out in front of my car even though I was moving and even though there were designated cross walks which for some odd reason they seemed to be avoiding like the plague. I would love to just step on the gas in these situations and give them a little nudge across the street to help remind them that I am bigger than they are and could really hurt them. It is like there parents never gave them the "look both ways before crossing the street" speech. It is my philosophy that these pedestrian's are also the stupid people we encounter on the road. I mean think about it, why would they all of a sudden learn the rules of traffic when they get behind the wheel of a car. I think they just always assume that they should go first. I would love to have one day where I could just run over and into these stupid people and teach them exactly when it is there turn to walk or drive.
I was in the geography computer lab today and I was telling some of my "friends" about some odd things that totally freak me out. I call them my "friends" because as I started to bare my soul to them they began to laugh and make fun of me. I told them about how I hate dry dirt on me or anyone else, that I can't stand the thought of chewing on felt (why chew on it you ask, well, I don't know that is why they are odd phobias), and that I can't stand the sound of socks rubbing together. My friends apparently thought this was really weird. I just always thought that all people's phobias were weird but these guys only feared heights and spiders and stuff. Not that those aren't legitimate fears. I was just wondering if I was abnormal in some way.
Here is what I want to know, am I crazy or do you guys have some weird phobias too? If so why not tell us about them. Just keep in mind there are no guarantees that you wont be made fun of.


Until I met Josh I thought everyone hated hanging out with their family ( biological, not in-laws ). He apparently really looks forward to going back home. I am going to be going home this weekend for my dad's birthday party and my sisters will be there. Anyone who has been to a family get together at my house knows that they can be very entertaining well, that is probably only the right word if you are not related to us. For all of the family members it can be one of the most unhealthy (mentally and physically) things that has happened to you in a while. These "fun" weekends are probably the reason that my brother moved across the world, and two of my sisters are hardly ever seen. I can't blame them. So be sure to tune in this weekend for all the gory details of the Perkins "family fun" weekend it is sure to provide plenty of laughs.


I have come to find out as a new mother that people think that if they have ever met you before then they should be able to make you stop what ever or where ever you are going and touch or poke your baby. It was beginning to irritate me when certain people would do this. I thought if I just walked quickly through areas that were full of people then they would think, "hey she must be in a hurry, I'll leave her alone" but of course my plan failed. As I attempted to weave trough the people around me looking as much as I could like I was busy I had three people just reach out and grab the baby carrier and not let go until they had a chance to talk to Isabella and touch/ poke her for as long as they wanted. I say grab because they would hold on and pull me to a stop even if I acted like I hadn't seen them and kept going. They would only take this as a sign that they needed to hold and pull tighter because they knew who I was and I had a baby they wanted to look at. I would just like people to know that this would bother most mothers so it is probably safe to assume that you have no right to touch her baby, unless she has told you that it is ok and please try to have more than a five second memory. If I say no one minute then chances are I will say no later too so don't ask. I have intentionally left out names so everyone would wonder if I was talking about them. If you questions about your baby touching privileges then you should probably ask (once) but I am pretty sure that those who have permission know who they are.


Yesterday evening I had the pleasure of going to a lecture at the ASU school of music. The lecture was given by the man who invented the steel drum. I wont go into detail about the lecture because I am sure josh will be talking about it on his blog later. I will only say that the lecture was very cool. Now on to the stupid people.... The speaker talked long enough that there wasn't really time for very many questions at the end. That is, there wasn't time if say, you weren't smart enough to go up after the lecture and ask questions. This was apparently a concept that these people had never heard of. The assistant / translator if need be, was helping to keep everything on schedule. She tried to do this by saying something that I understood quite well and maybe I am a genius but I don't think that is really the case. "this is the last question" now before I started to get irritated at the four or five other people who preceded to raise their hands and ask questions I stopped to think that maybe they might have misunderstood. Did it have a double meaning? Maybe they though theirs was the last question even though it had not yet been asked. I quickly came to the conclusion that no, it did not have a double meaning. The answer was simple, these people thought they and their question (which weren't even good questions) were the most important thing in the world at that given moment. I think that this makes them not only selfish for wasting other people's time but also pretty dumb for not understanding the simple phrase " this is the last question".


that picture doesn't really have to do with anything. i just wanted to show everyone how cute isabella is.
the name for this blog comes from a phrase i say alot when i am about to tell someone that they have pissed me off. anyone who knows me is aware that i hate stupid people. i can't stand them. at the advice of my dear husband josh, i have started a blog so i will have a place to really burn off some of my frustration about the morons i come into contact with day to day. i will try not to post only negative things but also some positive uplifting things for those happy people who like everybody. i hope you will enjoy yourself and have a few good laughs. becareful
this is my first post!