The Best of Both Worlds

I take Isabella to a place called the children's playhouse about 4 times a week. It is a really neat place for kids to play. It is in a remodeled house. The downstairs area is filled with lots of different play centers, from doll houses to a kitchen to a train/building room. The upstairs is an art area with four or five art activities that change weekly. There is also a fenced in playground right outside for the warm nice days. Needless to say, Isabella loves it. She even knows how where it is and how to get there. I have to go out of my way running errands so we wont drive past it becuase if we do she yells out "house, house" and points to it.
Mondays are usually rough for us because the playhouse is not open. She has another playgroup we do on Mondays at the wellness center but she would rather be at the playhouse any day. Well, today her wish came true. We had our wellness center playgroup at, you guessed it, the playhouse. She was really cute about it and tried to show her WC friends all her favorite spots to play in the playhouse. She looked like such a big kid. Here are a few pictures of her playing. I couldn't get many because she doesn't like for me to follow her when she is at he playhouse. I guess I'm not cool enough to be seen with her.

Here she is at the beginning in "circle time"

Showing the other kids how to get the shapes out

Here's the red piece...

The blue piece...where's the yelllow one?

Found it!

She found this little man that has a red baseball hat just like hers


My Battle Wound

After the Myrtle Beach Marathon my Mom was kind enough to get me a pedicure. Which I loved. Then about a week after the Turtle Tromp I changed the polish. My big toe was a little sore and I would see a light shade of blue but I wasn't worried. I took that polish off last night and found this.

I don't think it will fall off though. It still seems pretty well attached. At least I hope it is.