It's Over

I must admit I am having a hard time adjusting to the marathon being over. I think I have post traumatic stress or something. The only other thing that I can think of the has been more stressful was having Isabella and when I did that I got a cute baby for it. I was so busy with her that it kept my mind off of what just happened to me. It was a very interesting experience. Since it is still pretty hard for my to talk about I wont go into details here. I will just say it did not go they way I wanted it to.

As most of you know I took Isabella with me. She did really well. The car ride took almost 7 hours and she only got fussy a couple of times. We went to eat at a really cool restaurant on Friday night. It had televisions in every booth so you could watch TV if you wanted. They also had a special area to sit if you had kids that surrounded and indoor playground so your kids could play while you eat. It was great! I was able to eat without Isa leaning on me the whole time and she made some new friends. A little girl named Katherine really liked her and carried her around like a doll all night, which Isa didn't mind one bit.

I was surprised I wasn't more nervous . I think it was because I have been sick of going on two weeks now so my body was focused on that. None of the people in the marathon room got any sleep that night because of the noise and sicknesses. My sinuses hurt so bad my teeth were throbbing. We got up at 4:30 am to eat breakfast and go catch the shuttle to the start. It was 29 degrees at guntimne and it felt every bit that cold.

For the first three miles we had to dodge clothes. Once you warmed up you didn't need as many layers as you started with so people would just throw them down in the road so you had to watch out. This came in handy for those who underdressed because you could just pick something up to use. I am not going to talk about any detail for the rest of the race but I will tell you Dad and I met a really cool lady named carol that was for team in training. That is a leukemia foundation running team, it's pretty big nationwide. Her boyfriend and daughter rode their bikes along the route and did cheers on the side of the road about every two miles or so. It was really cute. I just couldn't wait for it to be over and eventually it was. Mom was really sweet and got us all pedicures after the race. It felt really good. They rub your legs and everything. It was a nice finish to the morning.

Here we are waiting for the shuttle after the race

Dad even got one (without the color)

I think he really liked the leg rub

It really helped him relax:)

After we got back to the hotel mom told me how Isabella had spotted the beach while they were waiting for the shuttle but they had not had time to go see it so I thought I would give mom a break and Isabella a little treat so I took her to play on the beach. She has only been to the beach once before and she was six months old so this was her first real time and she loved it. She found her first sea shell and everything.

She had a little trouble walking in the sand at first

Here she is trying to figure out what this is

Then she decided to test it out

Yep, just as cold as it was at first:)

She had to find just the right one

Here it is

I was pretty sore when I crossed the finish line but not nearly as sore I as I would be the next day when it took me five minutes to get out of bed and even then I couldn't stand up straight. Once I was up and moving I could get around a bit better. We spent some more time on the beach which Isabella loved. katilin was there this time so she had a blast.

It took her about five minutes to trip and fall face first into a puddle. she was less than pleased

She ended up in Katilin's coat

We still couldn't keep her out of the water though

She kept destroying everything Katilin built

She told on me once Grandma and Grandpa got there

Aunt Abby saving her from the waves

Here we are in our race shirts

Everyone was pretty tired and we all had a good drive ahead of us so we went home after the beach. Isa did great on eh way home to. Well, until we dropped dad off at his car which was still about 45 minutes from home so we had to come up with another way to entertain her and this seemed to work.

So I have officially completed the distance challenge and should be getting my jacket soon. They just have to verify my marathon and order them. It really feels weird. I haven't ran all week. I'm not really sure what to so with myself. Well, that's not entirely true. I have been planning a little something but you will have to wait until later for details.