I know we have all worked on a group project at school with someone who knew everything. Well, at least they thought they did. I have had the pleasure of welcoming a new lab partner into my lab group in one of my classes. I'll call him Jake*. Jake is the type of guy that doesn't want to do any of the work himself but will be more than happy to tell you that you are doing it wrong. I made the mistake of volunteering to write down the answers on our last lab. Everyone knows that you can't write down everything your group says or the answer wont make any sense and you will find yourself quickly running out of room. Well, as I was waiting to hear everything they were going to say before I wrote anything down, Jake stops talking, looks over at me and says " are you going to write any of this down " I was shocked for a minute but another group member shot to my defense by asking Jake if he would like to do the work. This only shut him up for about 2 or 3 minutes and then he was at it again. I have decided, along with me other group members that we are going to let Jake do the work as soon as he tries to correct us. We did this last week and he didn't seem to enjoy it very much. That should teach him to correct other people, well, at least until next weeks lab. Don't be lazy and bossy. If you feel the need to boss someone around then be willing to do the work yourself, especially if you have no authority to be telling them what to do.

* no names have been changed

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