Happy Birthday!!!

I know that by the time Matt reads this it wont be his birthday anymore. Darn that time change! I figure he will appreciate it anyway. We miss you. Hope you had a great day! See you soon. Becareful:)

A glance at the past.


The Real Album

So I thought I would finish my post on a recent album I purchased. I hope those of you who aren't fans will still listen to the album even after I tell you all the music on the soundtrack was picked by Zach Braff. After hearing what Josh thinks of him I get the feeling that most guys don't really like him.

I bought this album for three reasons. First, we had been out shopping for hours and still hadn't bought anything. Second, I think soundtracks are a safe bet when you don't know the music on them because every song is different so if you don't like one band then you know the whole CD doesn't sound like that. Last, Zach Braff seems like a cool guy. Like someone I would enjoy hanging out with so I figured he probably had decent taste in the music I like. Plus I think he is cute in a dorky way so no bashing or I might have to sensor.

The album is The Last Kiss. It is the soundtrack to a movie of the same title. It just came out and I haven't seen it. I have read all about the movie though so I pretty much don't need to see it. It is really a remake of a 2001 Italian film called L'Ultimo bacio. From what I read the American version ends a lot happier which anyone who knows me knows I prefer.

Anyway, I really enjoyed the album. It does have some light pop music on it like almost every other soundtrack. I did enjoy the album as a whole though. I had actually only heard on of thesongs before. Most of them are mellow and some get stuck in your head and never seem to leave. I liked the fact that even though there were a few popular bands on the CD I had never heard of most of them before. I guess that is why I liked it so much. I really hate when you get a CD and all of the songs on it were singles on the radio so I am already sick of it. I also really like music that doesn't have a busy, loud sound. I prefer it to be more acoustic. This CD has a bit of both so it suits my every mood. I don't know. I am not much of a music critic. Either I like it or I don't. I'm not sure what makes me like it. I just know I want to hit the repeat button.