I love living in the mountains! With all the beautiful trees, streams and rolling green hills. I especially love the fall and winter. The leaves changing and the white fluffy snow. My cute little family decided to go and take some pictures, with Josh's digital camera which I a sure you have all heard about, at Grandfather Mountain and then blowing rock. I was then reminded why I hate living in the mountains, floridiots. They are everywhere and Blowing Rock is crawling with then. They just walk out in front of your car at intersections and then look at you like you have broken some law. I guess we should be grateful that they actually came to the crosswalk. They usually just walk out into the street and stop traffic in both directions. These people are also proof of an earlier theory that stupid pedestrians make stupid drivers. I can't get anywhere in under 25 minutes and without stopped for several people who can't drive and cut me off or hold up traffic because there reflexes are so slow that it takes them 8 seconds after the light changes to push their gas petal, and there are speed limits for a reason. If you don't feel safe driving the posted limit then you shouldn't be driving! I could go on about his for a while but I think I will save some for another time.

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