Not Much

i don't really have anything exciting to post about. we got to nc smoothly. isa did great in the truck. much better then me. she is very excited to be here with her grandparents and aunts and uncles. she loves being near family. she did have some trouble on sunday when she realized that her friends from utah weren't gong to be there. she made it through ok though.

i must say that i really miss my byu 140th ward. it has really been an adjustment. we go many days without seeing anyone but my parents. in our Utah apartment we saw friends every day. i'm pretty sad about it.

the baby is moving constantly now days. i am really excited about being over half way through my pregnancy. i have to make every day count with isa since it wont just be the two of us soon. (yes i remember josh). isa is getting more excited every day. we should be getting another ultrasound on isa's birthday so we will have more pictures to post then. it still wont move for isa yet but josh got to feel it move last week which he loved.

i finally got everything in a place today. it is really hard to get everything moved in when you aren't really supposed to be doing anything. i keep telling myself that is why it took so long to do. anything to make yourself feel better right?


It Finally Happened

I knew it would happen eventually. i was just hoping it would take a little longer. i outgrew my last pair of regular jeans yesterday. i guess it is to be expected since i am half way through the second trimester and everything but it still sucks.

What is worse is i still don't even look pregnant. just fat. i had josh try and take a picture of my "belly" the other day but even though i can totally see it you couldn't really tell in the picture. also, i still have previa and am on light bed rest. yuck! it really makes packing hard. the perk to the previa is that i get to have another ultrasound, which i love. it makes it seem more real.