Faster Then You Can Say Quidditch

I cracked.  I usually don't like sci-fi remakes.  The originals are nostalgic for me and when they remake them with all the new special effects that we have now days it kind of ruins my childhood.  I have had to branch out however now that Netflix isn't streaming my beloved Stargate anymore. :(:(:(  I tried Primeval, which wasn't bad but the turnover of characters in that show is head spinning.  I can barely get used to the interaction before someone gets eaten or killed, by there VERY poorly cast, crazy wife. I am a sucker for Andrew Lee Potts however, so I made it through quite a bit of the show.

Next I tried the Dr Who remake.  At first I didn't really care for the Doctor but then I  warmed up to him and he actually ended up being the only character I liked.  He is consistent.  Granted he's consistently quirky but at least he doesn't flip flop back and forth between emotions and give me whiplash.

In the second episode when I heard this character the "where do I know you from?" nagging started.

 This happens to me fairly frequently so I try to put it out of my mind and then usually within a week it will just come to me out of the blue where I know them from.  When it did I must admit I chuckled.

 I always thought she was some kind of human/cat hybrid in the HP films.  Here she is in real life.

 I know.  Heartless of me.  My gift strikes again.

I must confess that I did not realize as a child that the Doctor reincarnated.  I only remember one Doctor.

This guy.
I am in love with the awesomeness of this outfit!

So, when the first season ended and the actor changed I was a little thrown.  Then when I realized who it was I knew I wouldn't really be able to trust this guy.

 You can smile all you want!  We all know you're a Death Eater!!!

Interesting bit of trivia.  His wife is the daughter of the fifth Doctor.  Either way I will probably need to skip until he gets reincarnated again before I watch anymore.  Or maybe I should just go back to me rule.  That would probably be safer.


You Get What You Get, And You Don't Get Upset!

Dumbest Women EVER!

Fertility is a touchy subject for me.  It is very dear to my heart since I, as well as several amazing women I know, have suffered from multiple pregnancy "issues".  Josh and I tried and prayed/begged for a second child for years.  During that time we met several other couples who either couldn't conceive or conceived and then lost, which is much harder in my opinion.  When I read this article I was floored.  Well, initially I felt sorry for her.  I had a certain gender I was hoping for when we got pregnant.  I really, really, really thought Emmeline would be a boy.  I had prayed for a boy.  When they  said girl I was a little bummed.  Did I go home and "sob" for weeks?  No, and do you know why?  BECAUSE I'M A GROWN UP!!!!!!!  Plus within a few weeks I had bigger things to deal with.  I became immensely grateful for what I did have.  A baby.  Not everyone gets to have that.

And now my rant.

I'm sorry Mrs "Simpson", that you were devastated that you had 3 perfectly healthy boys?!?!  Cry me a freaking ocean!!!!  WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE!?!?!?!  I am totally floored not only that you were willing to pay all that money to finally have your "perfect" little daughter but that you even considered aborting your 3rd son for being a boy is, in 1 word, DISGUSTING!!! I'm not sure I could be in your presence without shaking you to death! I'm sure the daughter you tried so hard to have really liked being in daycare while you payed for her.  good job.

OK, I'm done...for now.