My dear husband gave me the idea for my next post. It kind of reminds me of a Seinfeld episode and maybe Justin can tell us for sure. I think it is a mixture of a couple of episodes actually. Anyway, josh and I both have a real hard time with loud whisperer. You know the type, the person who is pretty much yelling (or at least talking in a normal voice) but they think no one can hear them but you. This can be really embarrassing if they area actually saying something you don't want everyone else to hear or if it is a situation where no one else is talking except your "friend". This can lead to some very uncomfortable situations. Josh encountered this last week at church and it was super annoying (it was tj). Like most people in sacrament meeting he goes there to listen and if he needs to talk, which he rarely does, he will whisper so quietly that the person he is talking o would have a hard time understanding him. Here is a good rule of thumb, if you can hear yourself other than in the echo in your head, you are being too loud. If you find yourself getting some odd looks in meetings when you try to tell someone something then you are probably a loud whisperer and you should bring a pen and pad of paper and keep your mouth shut.

I have decided to make this Jake guy a regular on my page. I think he has earned it. I will refer to him as Jake the jerk or maybe something a little more colorful from time to time. So expect more about him soon.


I know we have all worked on a group project at school with someone who knew everything. Well, at least they thought they did. I have had the pleasure of welcoming a new lab partner into my lab group in one of my classes. I'll call him Jake*. Jake is the type of guy that doesn't want to do any of the work himself but will be more than happy to tell you that you are doing it wrong. I made the mistake of volunteering to write down the answers on our last lab. Everyone knows that you can't write down everything your group says or the answer wont make any sense and you will find yourself quickly running out of room. Well, as I was waiting to hear everything they were going to say before I wrote anything down, Jake stops talking, looks over at me and says " are you going to write any of this down " I was shocked for a minute but another group member shot to my defense by asking Jake if he would like to do the work. This only shut him up for about 2 or 3 minutes and then he was at it again. I have decided, along with me other group members that we are going to let Jake do the work as soon as he tries to correct us. We did this last week and he didn't seem to enjoy it very much. That should teach him to correct other people, well, at least until next weeks lab. Don't be lazy and bossy. If you feel the need to boss someone around then be willing to do the work yourself, especially if you have no authority to be telling them what to do.

* no names have been changed


Just so those of you who come here to see me get really angry at people don't feel left out, here's one for you.

I went to the ASU campus today to pick up the Wednesday babysitter and I was shocked and amazed. The only other time I have come into contact with more stupid pedestrians is at Christmas time at the local shopping center. There were people just walking out in front of my car even though I was moving and even though there were designated cross walks which for some odd reason they seemed to be avoiding like the plague. I would love to just step on the gas in these situations and give them a little nudge across the street to help remind them that I am bigger than they are and could really hurt them. It is like there parents never gave them the "look both ways before crossing the street" speech. It is my philosophy that these pedestrian's are also the stupid people we encounter on the road. I mean think about it, why would they all of a sudden learn the rules of traffic when they get behind the wheel of a car. I think they just always assume that they should go first. I would love to have one day where I could just run over and into these stupid people and teach them exactly when it is there turn to walk or drive.
I was in the geography computer lab today and I was telling some of my "friends" about some odd things that totally freak me out. I call them my "friends" because as I started to bare my soul to them they began to laugh and make fun of me. I told them about how I hate dry dirt on me or anyone else, that I can't stand the thought of chewing on felt (why chew on it you ask, well, I don't know that is why they are odd phobias), and that I can't stand the sound of socks rubbing together. My friends apparently thought this was really weird. I just always thought that all people's phobias were weird but these guys only feared heights and spiders and stuff. Not that those aren't legitimate fears. I was just wondering if I was abnormal in some way.
Here is what I want to know, am I crazy or do you guys have some weird phobias too? If so why not tell us about them. Just keep in mind there are no guarantees that you wont be made fun of.


Until I met Josh I thought everyone hated hanging out with their family ( biological, not in-laws ). He apparently really looks forward to going back home. I am going to be going home this weekend for my dad's birthday party and my sisters will be there. Anyone who has been to a family get together at my house knows that they can be very entertaining well, that is probably only the right word if you are not related to us. For all of the family members it can be one of the most unhealthy (mentally and physically) things that has happened to you in a while. These "fun" weekends are probably the reason that my brother moved across the world, and two of my sisters are hardly ever seen. I can't blame them. So be sure to tune in this weekend for all the gory details of the Perkins "family fun" weekend it is sure to provide plenty of laughs.


I have come to find out as a new mother that people think that if they have ever met you before then they should be able to make you stop what ever or where ever you are going and touch or poke your baby. It was beginning to irritate me when certain people would do this. I thought if I just walked quickly through areas that were full of people then they would think, "hey she must be in a hurry, I'll leave her alone" but of course my plan failed. As I attempted to weave trough the people around me looking as much as I could like I was busy I had three people just reach out and grab the baby carrier and not let go until they had a chance to talk to Isabella and touch/ poke her for as long as they wanted. I say grab because they would hold on and pull me to a stop even if I acted like I hadn't seen them and kept going. They would only take this as a sign that they needed to hold and pull tighter because they knew who I was and I had a baby they wanted to look at. I would just like people to know that this would bother most mothers so it is probably safe to assume that you have no right to touch her baby, unless she has told you that it is ok and please try to have more than a five second memory. If I say no one minute then chances are I will say no later too so don't ask. I have intentionally left out names so everyone would wonder if I was talking about them. If you questions about your baby touching privileges then you should probably ask (once) but I am pretty sure that those who have permission know who they are.


Yesterday evening I had the pleasure of going to a lecture at the ASU school of music. The lecture was given by the man who invented the steel drum. I wont go into detail about the lecture because I am sure josh will be talking about it on his blog later. I will only say that the lecture was very cool. Now on to the stupid people.... The speaker talked long enough that there wasn't really time for very many questions at the end. That is, there wasn't time if say, you weren't smart enough to go up after the lecture and ask questions. This was apparently a concept that these people had never heard of. The assistant / translator if need be, was helping to keep everything on schedule. She tried to do this by saying something that I understood quite well and maybe I am a genius but I don't think that is really the case. "this is the last question" now before I started to get irritated at the four or five other people who preceded to raise their hands and ask questions I stopped to think that maybe they might have misunderstood. Did it have a double meaning? Maybe they though theirs was the last question even though it had not yet been asked. I quickly came to the conclusion that no, it did not have a double meaning. The answer was simple, these people thought they and their question (which weren't even good questions) were the most important thing in the world at that given moment. I think that this makes them not only selfish for wasting other people's time but also pretty dumb for not understanding the simple phrase " this is the last question".


that picture doesn't really have to do with anything. i just wanted to show everyone how cute isabella is.
the name for this blog comes from a phrase i say alot when i am about to tell someone that they have pissed me off. anyone who knows me is aware that i hate stupid people. i can't stand them. at the advice of my dear husband josh, i have started a blog so i will have a place to really burn off some of my frustration about the morons i come into contact with day to day. i will try not to post only negative things but also some positive uplifting things for those happy people who like everybody. i hope you will enjoy yourself and have a few good laughs. becareful
this is my first post!