I have come to find out as a new mother that people think that if they have ever met you before then they should be able to make you stop what ever or where ever you are going and touch or poke your baby. It was beginning to irritate me when certain people would do this. I thought if I just walked quickly through areas that were full of people then they would think, "hey she must be in a hurry, I'll leave her alone" but of course my plan failed. As I attempted to weave trough the people around me looking as much as I could like I was busy I had three people just reach out and grab the baby carrier and not let go until they had a chance to talk to Isabella and touch/ poke her for as long as they wanted. I say grab because they would hold on and pull me to a stop even if I acted like I hadn't seen them and kept going. They would only take this as a sign that they needed to hold and pull tighter because they knew who I was and I had a baby they wanted to look at. I would just like people to know that this would bother most mothers so it is probably safe to assume that you have no right to touch her baby, unless she has told you that it is ok and please try to have more than a five second memory. If I say no one minute then chances are I will say no later too so don't ask. I have intentionally left out names so everyone would wonder if I was talking about them. If you questions about your baby touching privileges then you should probably ask (once) but I am pretty sure that those who have permission know who they are.

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