The Science of Covering a Beatles Song

Josh has started watching American Idol (occasionally). this week they did Lennon/McCartney songs. I had serious problems with this. maybe because my sister and i were/are pretty obsessed with the Beatles. Maybe it's because American Idol singer suck. i don't know for sure. either way i was appalled with the song tonight. here is why:

when you cover a Beatles song you are messing with a beast. you can't do exactly what they did. if you did why cover it. however you can't totally change it either. it is like repainting the Mona Lisa but giving her a beard and piercing her nose. you just don't do it. it quite frankly turned my stomach.

overall very disappointing. i'm not sure what they were thinking. maybe they thought it was a good way to weed people out. if so they are smarter then i thought.