Do It Because You Love Me!!!!!

It has come to my attention recently that Arrested Development is not everyone's favorite show. Can you believe that!?!? I have been trying to drum up some extra viewers for tonight's all new episode and I am constantly getting the response that they don't think it is that funny! I of course am appalled by this and try my best to persuade them but in the end there are still some people not convinced. That is why I come before all those who aren't already "sold" on A.D. and say, DO IT BECAUSE YOU LOVE ME!!!! I mean, wouldn't it just be easier to turn on your T.V. and pass along to word to watch then to listen to me continually complaining about the show getting canceled? So please, just help us out and do the right thing. In the words of my younger sister Katie "it will make me happy!"


A Night In The Life

Ever since I had Isabella I haven't been able to sleep all night. It is just some weird mom thing I think. I wake up at least twice a night wide awake and have to check on Isabella. Well last week was not different. I woke up went in there and checked to make sure she was still breathing and then I leaned over and put my hand on the bed to give her a kiss. Her bed felt wet so I touched her to see how bad she was sweating. She sweats a lot. Well to my surprise she wasn't sweating at all so I lifted my other hand. That was when I saw and smelled it. Vomit. That is right I stuck my hand in someone else's puke. For a split second I wondered if she could sleep well for the rest of the night if I left her in it. Then I realized that as a mother I couldn't do that. So I woke her up and changed her sheet and clothes. I then made her comfortable and told her that if her tummy hurt to call me and as soon as I got out the door she yelled and started gagging. So I spent the night downstairs on the couch with my daughter watching "baby jack attack". What fun.

on another note. I heard this conversation from the kitchen last night.

Josh: Isabella, did you poop?

Isa: nope.

josh: you know Isabella, daddy poops everyday, it's nothing to be ashamed of.


A Little Angel

While Josh has been working nights Isabella and I have been doing family scripture study at night. Now that josh is home he sits in and we read out of Isa's little kid version of the scriptures. They condense and simplify the scriptures and add pictures to go with the story. Tonight as we were reading there was a picture of Christ. I stopped and asked Isa who it was. I realized just how sweet she is when she looked at me and said "It's Jesus. Jesus loves me." how adorable is that?


She Is So Cute!

This post is about a book that my mother used to read to me when I was a kid called Where Did The Baby Go?

I really loved this book so when I moved out I took it, along with others, with me. I have placed all these beloved children's books in Isa's room for her to look at when she gets the urge. Well, she got the urge to read this one and has asked Josh or I to read it to her every time she goes to bed or even when she just wanders in and sees it.

The book is about a little girl who finds a picture of herself when she was a baby and asks her mom who the baby is. Her mother decided to give her hints to make it a learning experience as all good mothers do. She sends her daughter through the house looking for traces of the baby. As the little girl looks places and finds no baby she says "Where did the baby go?" This is when Isabella chimes in with "I don't know!" It took me a little while to realize what she was saying since she had a passy in but when I did I laughed out loud. Since she has turned this in to an interactive book it doesn't really have the desired affect of making her sleepy. She does enjoy it though so we read it anyway.

I was going to post a picture of the cover but I can't find one on the internet and my scanner wont work. Sorry.

To Matt and Mary Ann.

I am really OCD so sorry in advance. In your video where you are eating the figs and Mary Ann says it reminders her of the creature from star wars you are talking about two totally different creatures. Mary Ann is referring to the monster they land in while running away from the empire fighters in "The Empire Strikes Back" and Matt is talking about he sand pit creature in "The Return of the Jedi". And the fourth little pumpkin says "lets run and run and run".


Get Out Of My Freakin' Way!

I have been a licensed driver for 8 years now and there is something that I recently noticed about certain other drivers on the eh road. Something I like to call "comfort speed". My theory, which I think hold especially true in Boone, is this. There is a certain speed that drivers feel comfortable driving. They cannot mentally make themselves go faster than said speed unless they were gong to die and even then they would probably just freak out and stop. This can be very annoying when the speed limit is say, 45 but the person in front of you has a maximum speed of 35. I wonder if they even know what the speed limit is or if they just hang out around 30-35 and hope they are going the speed limit. Can they not see the sign? Or is it that they just don't care? Either way these people should be pulled over and have their license taken away for obstructing traffic.

another one of my driving favorites are those people who forget they are driving. You know what I am talking about. You are behind someone and they gradually start to slow down. But, as soon as you start to pass them they go "oh, crap I'm driving" and then speed back up. This one particularly bothers josh since he is a big cruise control user.

I try not to hate anyone but most of my close friends and family know I hate stupid people. Not people who have real learning disabilities but those people who think there is nothing going on around them. It is like thy forget there are other people in the world try to go places or do things. Which is why when I run into these forgetful or comfort drivers I want to rear end them right off the road in to a ditch and dope that evolution is really true.


A Little Laugh

Dad and I were chatting during our run the other day about The Bear. He has been trying to contact the race director to ask him about some stuff and he hasn't been returning his email or phone calls. Well, dad decided to give it one last try and the guy actually answered.

After talking to him for a while the guy stops and says "oh, you're the guy causing all the commotion!". Dad had no idea what he was talking about to he asked him what he was referring to. The guy responds with "the grandfather mountain official had a heart attack when the saw you come over the last hill with that baby stroller. I am having a special meeting with them this afternoon to discuss it and see about putting restrictions on the race. No one has ever even attempted that before!"

Dad and I got quite a laugh from this. After talking to him for a bit longer it would appear that my dad will be the only one ever to run the bear with a jogging stroller. GO DAD!


Uncle Matt

I received a wonderfully spontaneous phone call from my brother in Lebanon this morning. We talked for quite a while and caught up on things. The only problem (other than matt is so far away) was that Isabella wasn't very happy that she needed to be quite and could not have any mommy attention while I stood by the window to get good reception. Well, when we were done talking Isabella asked who I was talking to. I should say that we have only a few recent pictures of Matt and the family but I cut out the picture they sent in their family newsletter a few years ago and let her have it. She loves to point out the little girl (Stella) in the picture and then she babbles about how Matt and Mary Ann are her daddy and mommy. When I told her I was talking to uncle Matt she got pretty excited and started saying "unga ma" which is the best she can do for uncle Matt. After talking about him for a while she decided that she waned to show off her artistic talent by drawing him some pictures. Here they are Matt, with love from Isabella.

She has been practicing tracing hands. I "helped" her a bit with the one that looks like a hand. Then she traced mine.

This according to Isabella is an eye. She has been fascinated with eyes lately. I'm guessing that is the pink part and the orange and red are decoration. She wouldn't tell me and seemed hurt that I couldn't tell;)


Oh The Power!

Well, I am officially released from nursery. For those of you who don't know, I asked to be released in April sometime and I just got out. The reason I finally did get released was because our branch president offered me the calling of Young Women's President. Yes, you read that correctly. He asked josh first and josh gave me the heads up. It is a good thing he did too because I would have said no if I had not had time to think about it.

I was really scared at first and I still am at times but at least I have some power now and can straighten out another program. After I gave into my fate and accepted that I would probably never get out of primary I decided to clean up the program and get it running the way it say to in the manual. I actually had a parent pick up their kid from class one Sunday and after I gave them the handouts from the lesson they said "you mean there is a manual for this class?". They were pretty much feeding the kids cookies all day. So much to some parents dismay I fixed the program. Now I have young women's to get back on track. Don't get me wrong, the members up here are nice enough. They just happened to live here all their lives and are very stuck in their ways. Their answer is to change church programs so they are more convenient or fun for them. When corrected they say "oh, we are only a branch we don't have to do it that way."

Even though we only have six baptized members on role and only three active I am hoping we can get things straightened out. I have some really good counselor and was pretty surprised that they were called so fast. It can take weeks or months sometimes.

My plan is that since Josh is in young men's and I am in young women's we can just take over and make our own little branch. I bet it would take the stake about a year to figure it out;)


Josh did a pretty long post of the bear so I wont bore you by talking to much about it. We were pretty worried that the rain wouldn't stop but in the end it wasn't so bad. Just a little bit of rain in parts. We had a little trouble with the canopy since a little over a mile was gravel road it was pretty dumpy and the joints holding the plastic popped out a few times but we were able to fix it pretty quick. Isa did really well until we got to the last 100-200 yards of the race when she got really scared because the winds were so strong. The wind was really disorienting and I was glad to be in the hot tub later. It got really cold so I was very chilled. Katie was great and drove up to the finish line and sat there for two hours waiting for us so she could take our picture and so we wouldn't have to ride the shuttle bus down to our cars. We got really cool shirts too. Here are some pictures.

Here we all are back at the cabin after the race.

Here we are showing off the cool bear on the back of the shirt.


How Ironic

I just spent quite a bit of my time on a post called "luck of the Irish" in which I told a story about Isabella and how her luck was better than mine. I was starting to not believe in luck but then something happened that reaffirmed I have no luck whatsoever. My computer freaked out and deleted my whole post picture uploads and all. That just sucks.

Ever since I was a kid I have never won a drawing. I am not making this up. Even when my Uncle Brian died and all the cousins got to pick a t-shirt of his I was last(he has really cool fire work shirts). Well Isa and I went to a fundraiser for the playhouse and they had drawings for little stuffed cows, a t-shirt and some playhouse passes. I put Isa's name in because my friend shiree made me but I figured she would have my luck and not win anything. I was very wrong however because she won the coolest prize. The cute t-shirt. She fell in love with it right away because it had a cow on it and she loves animals. She wore it there, home , to bed and tried to wear it the next day. Luckily I convinced her to wear her tiger shirt in stead. Poor cows, they will always be second best to tigers.

She got pretty upset when I interrupted the care bears to take her picture.

Then she got frustrated when I wanted to take more.

Finally I just took one of the shirt so everyone could read it. Pretty cute huh?


Support Our Walmart

I always have to laugh a little bit when I see those "Support Our Troops" magnets or stickers on peoples cars. Do they think that by putting that on their car they are actually supporting them? In actuality you are supporting walmart. They took your money right? You boosted their business right? Why then doesn't it say support our walmart? Because that wouldn't sell. Do you think they are giving one cent of that money to the troops? I personally don't like walmart. They support quite a few things I don't. I also find their founder to be a lying jerk. I guess that in reality I am laughing to keep myself from rolling down the window and yelling about how stupid these people are. What good does this sticker/statement do? Nothing unless you have stock in walmart.

Don't try to get on here and say people put these on their car to show moral support. That is just dumb. What person would really say they hate the troops? It's just kind of understood that we support them. I can only figure that they are trying to make it look like they do something more than the rest of us when in reality they aren't.


My little angel

On Fridays Isabella and I go to the cabin to workout an then to the playhouse to see her friends Orion and Gabriel. We do this every week. I was going around the house getting things ready to go when something happened that could have changed the whole day.

I was going into Isa's room to get her clothes when I saw her sitting on the bathroom floor. She does this from time to time so she can play with her bath toys. I knew something was up though because she wasn't moving. She was sitting there like a little statue. She does this when she has done something wrong in hopes that if she sits really still you wont notice what she has done. I walked in and asked her what was wrong and she pointed to her ear. She has been trying to see what fits h=in her ear since about Christmas. I stepped forward and looked in her ears and that's when I spotted it.

a few weeks ago my mom got Isa some really cute ponytail holders. They have streams of ribbon tied to hem and little rhinestones glued to the end of the ribbon. Any guesses as to what I saw? Yep, she had put one of the little rhinestones in so deep I could barely see it. I totally freaked out. This is the first thing to get stuck in my baby. I called the pediatrician begging for and appointment. They said to call the ear nose and throat doctor in Boone. I got the number and called. Since she had never been there before I had to talk to the new patient receptionist. I got her machine. I tried to leave a message as calmly as I could. After I hug up I felt helpless. I was trying to keep Isa's hands away form her ears because she was trying to get in it deeper. I had no idea what to do. Should I call Josh at work? My mom? I needed to call someone. Someone had to help my poor baby who's hearing could be permanently damaged! It was about this time that I looked down and saw Isa looking up at me with an expression o her face like "what's wrong with you?" I knew I had to calm down. I took a deep breath and decided to try and get it out myself. I'm a mom, I should be able to do this. I put on a movie to keep her attention and put Isabella on my lap. I then spent the next five minutes massaging the back lower part of her ear and I am proud to say ................I got it out. Yet another thing I can put on my mommy resume. It was really gross and covered in wax but I am proud to say my daughter can hear. I took some pictures but you can't really see anything because it's so far in there.


The Big Mistake

If you have not yet seen star wars episode III and don’t want to know anything bout it then do not read this post!

I decided to surprise josh and get us tickets to go see star wars Thursday night. He was surprised and we were almost late. We went in and found pretty good seats. Josh was really excited. I on the other hand was there mostly for him. When the movie was over I felt betrayed and disgusted. Had I been able to contact Mr. Lucas I would have had some very colorful things to say to him. Here is my review and some of my thoughts, well, mostly my thoughts.

I thought the movie sucked! I am not sure how to adequately describe my disgust. As usual the writing was beyond cheesy. IT was by far the worst script I have heard for a serious movie. If it was meant to be a comedy then it was pretty good (space balls was better). He even had yoda saying stupid stuff. He was the only character you could rely on in the other movies to not be cheesy. I felt like Lucas had written the whole thing in about three hours max and that he was sitting in his huge house laughing at all the stupid people for running to go see it.

It was way too graphic. I think I could have understood just how evil Darth Vader is without the child slaying scene. I also think I could have imagined Vader being in fire and all his skin melting off without actually seeing it.

The thing that ultimately turned him was week.

I will say one good thing about his movie and let me stress that it is just one good thing. The special effects. They were the best I have ever seen in a movie. Maybe that is because Lucas finally let someone else do them.

The main blunder Lucas made was a story line error. I mean how hard is it to remember what you freaking right!!!! Let’s flash forward or backward or whatever to episode six when Luke and Leia were in the ewok village and Luke tells her who their dad is. Everyone remember? Luke begins by asking her what she remembers of her mother; here is the catch, her real mother. Anyone remember what she said? She said she only has a few memories, mostly feeling because she died when Leia was very young. She goes on to say that she always seemed sad but that she was very kind. My question is this. How in the freaking world does padmea die giving birth then!!!!! She knew the people who raised her weren’t her real parents. If she didn’t why would Luke say your real mother? Josh thinks that since Leia is strong in the force that she can remember her as a newborn. That doesn’t work for two reasons. One, padmea dies right after they come out and she names them. Two, Luke tells Leia that he has no memories of his mother and he came out first so if either of them had memories from then it would be him. WHAT THE HECK!!!! How in the world does she die then!!!! Lucas totally changed a story line he already wrote and put in the last movie.

I think the main reason this bugs me so much is because they aren’t good movies. You like these movies because they remind you of your childhood. They were good when you were a kid. By changing a story line he has no made the movies incoherent. They can’t remind me of my childhood anymore because they don’t go together. To me there is going to be star wars the trilogy and then those crappy prequels some guy tried to make. How did this happen? I am so angry that this post doesn’t even begin to describe what I really think. Just ask josh. He new that I was upset and as soon as the movie was over I turned to him and he said ”Just let me enjoy it for a second ok?” which I did. Then I went off for a couple hours and he graciously listened. I am so upset about his movie hat when josh mentioned buying kotor2 I said no because I didn’t want Lucas getting anymore on of my money. For the record I played kotor for over 32 hours so my saying no to kotor2 is a big deal.

This is all I can think of right now. I just needed to get some of this off my chest. I never want to see that movie again.


Odds and Ends

I don't really have anything to blog about so I thought I would post some pictures I have taken over the past few days. I thought they were funny and hopefully you will too.

This is my first homemade mother's day present from Isabella. She made it during story time at the library today.

Maybe this is really dorky but I thought this sheet of stamps was really neat. If you look really close you can see the USA 37 all over the picture. Those are the stamps.

I thought Isa was going to help my fold the laundry but she really wanted to go workout. Here she is trying to put my underwear on her head.

Just when I was going to step in and help her she got them over her head. We fixed them for her.

Then the running shorts. I guess she has seen me get ready for running a lot.


The Best of Both Worlds

I take Isabella to a place called the children's playhouse about 4 times a week. It is a really neat place for kids to play. It is in a remodeled house. The downstairs area is filled with lots of different play centers, from doll houses to a kitchen to a train/building room. The upstairs is an art area with four or five art activities that change weekly. There is also a fenced in playground right outside for the warm nice days. Needless to say, Isabella loves it. She even knows how where it is and how to get there. I have to go out of my way running errands so we wont drive past it becuase if we do she yells out "house, house" and points to it.
Mondays are usually rough for us because the playhouse is not open. She has another playgroup we do on Mondays at the wellness center but she would rather be at the playhouse any day. Well, today her wish came true. We had our wellness center playgroup at, you guessed it, the playhouse. She was really cute about it and tried to show her WC friends all her favorite spots to play in the playhouse. She looked like such a big kid. Here are a few pictures of her playing. I couldn't get many because she doesn't like for me to follow her when she is at he playhouse. I guess I'm not cool enough to be seen with her.

Here she is at the beginning in "circle time"

Showing the other kids how to get the shapes out

Here's the red piece...

The blue piece...where's the yelllow one?

Found it!

She found this little man that has a red baseball hat just like hers


My Battle Wound

After the Myrtle Beach Marathon my Mom was kind enough to get me a pedicure. Which I loved. Then about a week after the Turtle Tromp I changed the polish. My big toe was a little sore and I would see a light shade of blue but I wasn't worried. I took that polish off last night and found this.

I don't think it will fall off though. It still seems pretty well attached. At least I hope it is.


Turtle Tromp

Now for the other thing I have been working on. As most people know I was more than disappointed with my myrtle beach marathon. At first I was ok with it but then it started bothering me more and more. On the way home dad and I started talking about finding other marathons that were close by in march that we could run. When we finally got online to find one we came up with a better idea. We decided to have the first ever Turtle Tromp Greenway Marathon. We scheduled it for march 5th. Yes that is two weeks after the Myrtle beach marathon and yes we are crazy.

I started planning our race right away. We had to verify the distance markers on the greenway first to make sure we went the distance. I wanted this to be as much like a race as it could be so I started looking for race numbers I could get printed. I later found out I would have to get a minimum of 50 printed. I was a little discouraged by this but decided I would email the owner of Run For Your Life and see if we could buy some from him. Run for your life is the organization that runs most of our races. When he read my email about what happened in Myrtle Beach he was more than happy to donated two number 1 bib numbers for dad and I to wear.
(the early numbers are usually reserved for professionals to wear)I was really excited when we got them in the mail. I then checked the weather. It was calling for a wintry mix on the 5th which again disappointed me but we still decided to go for it hoping for the best.

I wasn't really nervous as the day approached because I was so used to the course. We were planning on running it on our three mile training loop (9 loops) which was really comforting. Josh and I went tot he cabin to pick up dad for the race we were fresh and ready to go.

We drove down to the greenway and a little bit after 11:00am we were off and running. I guess I should mention that we had gotten about a foot of snow during the week of our race. I had gone and looked at the part of the track I could see form my car and it looked fine. I was wrong. We rounded the first corner of the track right before .5 miles and saw about 30 yards of slush and snow on the track. We kind of looked at each other and grinned, thinking 'what have we gotten ourselves into?' . We didn't stop though and ran through it. Well, if you can call what we did running then we ran. It was more like a run/slide/skate. We got near .75 miles and saw about 50-75 yards of deep puddles. We decided to run in what we thought was grass. It was in actually more snow and mud. It was then relatively clear until 20 yards before our 1.5 mile turn around when we had to run through slush and snow again. Since we were doing nine loops that meant we were going to have to run through all that again 17 more times. We then thought this was a really bad idea but we still kept going.

The first three miles were ok but by mile 6 I had to pee really bad. One of the problems with this was the bathrooms at the greenway are closed until April so I had to pee in the open but when you gotta go you gotta go. We then started running again. Since I didn't want to have to do that every 6 miles I did my best to turn off the nerves that told me I needed to go for the next 4 hours. To my surprise enough it worked. The weather was pretty good except for the wind gusts of about 20 mph until the beginning of mile 9. Josh and Isa came by to cheer us on at the end of mile 9 which was greatly appreciated. Right after the left it started sleeting with 30mph gusts. I looked at dad and said" I'll be ok with a greenway half marathon if this keeps up" luckily it stopped in about five minutes and turned to rain. The middle is kind of a blur because I was just trying to keep moving. We had about every kind of weather imaginable. We really did have sun, sleet, snow, rain, and A LOT of wind. It got up to 40mph at some points. I have never heard of a marathon with water hazards before but I guess there is a first for everything. Part of it was even a trail marathon since we had to run off the path so much.

Mentally and physically it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be but I know I couldn't have done it alone. Josh always says that my biggest strength in running is I'll go wherever my dad goes and I guess this proves his point. Dad and I didn't talk about how far we had gone or how far we had to go until we had three loops left. We just had the occasional "you doin' ok?" or small talk. Time went by fast considering how long we ran but in the end we did it. We actually got to run a whole marathon.

When we finished josh, Mom , Samantha and Isabella were there waiting for us. The had a finish line tape up and a congratulations banner. Mom also brought little cannons full of streamers. It was really great.

We were so relieved to be done

Neither of us could stop smiling, or maybe it was wincing

We had to keep moving so we wouldn't cramp

What is even cooler is that we ran it in 4:53:27 (give or take a second) which is exactly what Abby and Terra got at myrtle beach. AFter we finished we went over to the cabin and got in the hottub with isa.

It felt so good!!

I'm sure josh will remind me of things I forgot to saw so I'll be adding to this post for a while.


My New Addiction

Hello my name is Megan and I'm addicted to celebrity blogs. My sister Terra recently opened my eyes to a new blog. As a young girl one of my favorite memories is watching start trek the next generation with my dad. I think terra and I were the most excited when it would come on TV. You might think it is a little weird for teen and preteen girls to come running to see a science fiction show
but since I was this preteen girl, let me explain. Wil Wheaton(Wesley Crusher). He was the son of Dr. Beverly Crusher and my favorite character. He was adorable. When the show ended and I knew I would not be seeing him anymore I was pretty upset. I watched the reruns for years afterward but eventually let go. Terra on the other hand, apparently being a more devote fan than I, kept her obsession and found his blog. She sent the link to me and now I am totally hooked. Not only to his blog but to his friend's blogs too. What I like about it is that they are actually updating the site themselves and will respond to your comments. It is really neat to see what these people are really like. Granted most of them are "B" list actors but that is what I love about it. Their lives are still realistic. They talk about their families, pets, pasts, and whatever is happening to them. It's not just about their movies or shows and how famous they are. I just can't get enough.

Josh just put a link to Wil's page on his blog but I'm gonna put one here too. I will also add links to any other blogs I come across that I really like.



It's Over

I must admit I am having a hard time adjusting to the marathon being over. I think I have post traumatic stress or something. The only other thing that I can think of the has been more stressful was having Isabella and when I did that I got a cute baby for it. I was so busy with her that it kept my mind off of what just happened to me. It was a very interesting experience. Since it is still pretty hard for my to talk about I wont go into details here. I will just say it did not go they way I wanted it to.

As most of you know I took Isabella with me. She did really well. The car ride took almost 7 hours and she only got fussy a couple of times. We went to eat at a really cool restaurant on Friday night. It had televisions in every booth so you could watch TV if you wanted. They also had a special area to sit if you had kids that surrounded and indoor playground so your kids could play while you eat. It was great! I was able to eat without Isa leaning on me the whole time and she made some new friends. A little girl named Katherine really liked her and carried her around like a doll all night, which Isa didn't mind one bit.

I was surprised I wasn't more nervous . I think it was because I have been sick of going on two weeks now so my body was focused on that. None of the people in the marathon room got any sleep that night because of the noise and sicknesses. My sinuses hurt so bad my teeth were throbbing. We got up at 4:30 am to eat breakfast and go catch the shuttle to the start. It was 29 degrees at guntimne and it felt every bit that cold.

For the first three miles we had to dodge clothes. Once you warmed up you didn't need as many layers as you started with so people would just throw them down in the road so you had to watch out. This came in handy for those who underdressed because you could just pick something up to use. I am not going to talk about any detail for the rest of the race but I will tell you Dad and I met a really cool lady named carol that was for team in training. That is a leukemia foundation running team, it's pretty big nationwide. Her boyfriend and daughter rode their bikes along the route and did cheers on the side of the road about every two miles or so. It was really cute. I just couldn't wait for it to be over and eventually it was. Mom was really sweet and got us all pedicures after the race. It felt really good. They rub your legs and everything. It was a nice finish to the morning.

Here we are waiting for the shuttle after the race

Dad even got one (without the color)

I think he really liked the leg rub

It really helped him relax:)

After we got back to the hotel mom told me how Isabella had spotted the beach while they were waiting for the shuttle but they had not had time to go see it so I thought I would give mom a break and Isabella a little treat so I took her to play on the beach. She has only been to the beach once before and she was six months old so this was her first real time and she loved it. She found her first sea shell and everything.

She had a little trouble walking in the sand at first

Here she is trying to figure out what this is

Then she decided to test it out

Yep, just as cold as it was at first:)

She had to find just the right one

Here it is

I was pretty sore when I crossed the finish line but not nearly as sore I as I would be the next day when it took me five minutes to get out of bed and even then I couldn't stand up straight. Once I was up and moving I could get around a bit better. We spent some more time on the beach which Isabella loved. katilin was there this time so she had a blast.

It took her about five minutes to trip and fall face first into a puddle. she was less than pleased

She ended up in Katilin's coat

We still couldn't keep her out of the water though

She kept destroying everything Katilin built

She told on me once Grandma and Grandpa got there

Aunt Abby saving her from the waves

Here we are in our race shirts

Everyone was pretty tired and we all had a good drive ahead of us so we went home after the beach. Isa did great on eh way home to. Well, until we dropped dad off at his car which was still about 45 minutes from home so we had to come up with another way to entertain her and this seemed to work.

So I have officially completed the distance challenge and should be getting my jacket soon. They just have to verify my marathon and order them. It really feels weird. I haven't ran all week. I'm not really sure what to so with myself. Well, that's not entirely true. I have been planning a little something but you will have to wait until later for details.