A Night In The Life

Ever since I had Isabella I haven't been able to sleep all night. It is just some weird mom thing I think. I wake up at least twice a night wide awake and have to check on Isabella. Well last week was not different. I woke up went in there and checked to make sure she was still breathing and then I leaned over and put my hand on the bed to give her a kiss. Her bed felt wet so I touched her to see how bad she was sweating. She sweats a lot. Well to my surprise she wasn't sweating at all so I lifted my other hand. That was when I saw and smelled it. Vomit. That is right I stuck my hand in someone else's puke. For a split second I wondered if she could sleep well for the rest of the night if I left her in it. Then I realized that as a mother I couldn't do that. So I woke her up and changed her sheet and clothes. I then made her comfortable and told her that if her tummy hurt to call me and as soon as I got out the door she yelled and started gagging. So I spent the night downstairs on the couch with my daughter watching "baby jack attack". What fun.

on another note. I heard this conversation from the kitchen last night.

Josh: Isabella, did you poop?

Isa: nope.

josh: you know Isabella, daddy poops everyday, it's nothing to be ashamed of.


A Little Angel

While Josh has been working nights Isabella and I have been doing family scripture study at night. Now that josh is home he sits in and we read out of Isa's little kid version of the scriptures. They condense and simplify the scriptures and add pictures to go with the story. Tonight as we were reading there was a picture of Christ. I stopped and asked Isa who it was. I realized just how sweet she is when she looked at me and said "It's Jesus. Jesus loves me." how adorable is that?