My dear husband gave me the idea for my next post. It kind of reminds me of a Seinfeld episode and maybe Justin can tell us for sure. I think it is a mixture of a couple of episodes actually. Anyway, josh and I both have a real hard time with loud whisperer. You know the type, the person who is pretty much yelling (or at least talking in a normal voice) but they think no one can hear them but you. This can be really embarrassing if they area actually saying something you don't want everyone else to hear or if it is a situation where no one else is talking except your "friend". This can lead to some very uncomfortable situations. Josh encountered this last week at church and it was super annoying (it was tj). Like most people in sacrament meeting he goes there to listen and if he needs to talk, which he rarely does, he will whisper so quietly that the person he is talking o would have a hard time understanding him. Here is a good rule of thumb, if you can hear yourself other than in the echo in your head, you are being too loud. If you find yourself getting some odd looks in meetings when you try to tell someone something then you are probably a loud whisperer and you should bring a pen and pad of paper and keep your mouth shut.

I have decided to make this Jake guy a regular on my page. I think he has earned it. I will refer to him as Jake the jerk or maybe something a little more colorful from time to time. So expect more about him soon.

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