The Dry Well

I find this sentiment applies to multiple areas of my life right now. First I can't seem to come up with clever or interesting blog posts. Is my life really that boring? I feel really busy but I guess deep down I know it's a busy that no one else really wants to hear about. Next it applies to close local friends. It is super hard for me to make and keep close friends now days. I just end up being flaky and hard to get a hold of which aren't good friend qualities. Then comes all family relationships that I need to "invest" myself in. Not much there to invest. I feel like my well is dry. I would gladly give what I have but who would want it? It's like offering someone your half eaten, smushed sandwich. You get this look like "really, this is all you've got? Well, OK."
Here's to hoping something fun interesting happens to me soon. I like fun interesting.


Isa's Bridging Ceremony

Isa had her re-dedication/bridging ceremony today for Girl Scouts. It was super cute. I a m so glad she loves Girl Scouts like I do. We are super excited for her first troop camp out in October! She had several big roles and felt very important.

Job #1 Color Guard
She was very worried she would be late and the flag would touch the ground.

The Girl Scout pledge

Job #2 reading part about what the world would be like if people didn't help each other

Pinning with her troop leader

Posing picture

She also had another speaking part where she read a very cute poem written to make parents cry. Evil poem. I did not take pictures of it though because I was recording it. I am not computer or blogger savvy enough to get it off my phone let alone put it on here so you will just have to take my word for how cute she was. Cute. Side note, she is wearing tights and a pink leotard under her clothes because we had to rush from Nutcracker rehearsal and fitting to get there in time. Busy but totally worth it.


"You've Done This Before Right?"

So, when I went to do my couponing on Monday I was pretty bummed that they were completely out of pretzel M&Ms. I ,you see, had the prefect scenario where I would only be paying .25 per bag. So, I decided to wait until the truck came in later in the week in hopes they would replenish their pretzel M&M stock. I went in today with the girls for my precious M&Ms. They only had one bag. I needed 4. This is where it gets a bit technical.
I was determined to not let it get me down though, so instead of using my $1/1 pretzel M&M coupon I used my $1.50/2 any M&M coupon. Walgreens has a rule that you can't use more manufacturer coupons then you have items. So, off I go to the register with my 4 bags of M&Ms and my 3 coupons. 2 $1.50/2 M&M coupons and a Walgreens reward coupon. let's all do the math. 4 items, 3 coupons. All good right? When I got to the register I saw the not so new girl working the front. Blerg. Not going to let it get me down. I smile and make small talk. Try to compliment her a bit to warm her up. Just in case.
Then sure enough I get the coupon beep. This happens when for some reason the computer thinks you are breaking the rules or when they just want the cashier to check your items to make sure you are buying what you are supposed to. Anyway, she tells me that I don't have enough items. I smile, and tell her that I do in fact have enough items. She says I don't. I continue to smile and pull out the items in bag. "See, 4 items, 3 coupons." Then she really pushed me too my limits. she actually says, complete with rude look.
"You've done this before right? you know sometimes you need to add an item?" I told my brain to smile, I really did. I cannot however vouch for my actual facial expression. My internal voice said something like this. "YES I HAVE "DONE THIS BEFORE". HAVE YOU!??!! OH, THAT'S RIGHT YOU ARE JUST A KNOW IT ALL CASHIER WHO ACTUALLY KNOWS NOTHING!!! READ YOUR STORE'S COUPON POLICY!!!!!!! YOU ARE THE WORST!!!!
What I actually said was something more like this. " Yes, I do know that you have to add an item if you have too many coupons, but I don't have too many coupons. "
Her response was priceless. "Well, What do you want me to do?"
Smile. Smile. "Why don't you try the coupons in a different order?" bingo.
Megan = 1 + 4 bags of yummy M&Ms!
Mean Cashier = 0 and hopefully some super karma butt kicking in the near future.


The Morgue

I think I am reaching that point of a beating where you just lay there and hope they think you are dead and leave you alone. That if you don't fight they will think they won and finally stop. I feel like most of my last 7 years have been one beating after another. I must have screwed over someone really important without noticing and now karma has come for me. I look old and what's even more fun, my body is literally falling apart. I can't get away. From really anything. I try to "hide" from feeling sick all the time by keeping busy, which works until the fatigue kicks in and makes me stop. Then I'm tired and sick. I try to hide from whiny Emmeline but she found my closet. It's no wonder she is delayed. The only way to get away is to turn on Rugrats and let her little brain rot. Then I don't really get away because I feel guilty for neglecting her. I could be drilling her colors, or doing PT on the ball, or working on stringing beads for OT, or heck, talking to her so maybe she will talk back. Oh, wait, then there is Isabella. That's right I actually have two kids. Wish that didn't slip my mind so much.
These kind of posts are tricky. You want to be honest, but you don't want to freak people out. That's right folks, the above it edited for the public. Isn't my head fun. Anyway, i guess it's better then the other stuff in there. So...do I look dead yet?


A Life So Far

So, Em is 3. I feel old. She is old. We are going through a lot of changes. i am in denial a bout most of them. I am unsure about a lot of things right now. One thing i know for sure is that my little 3 year old AWESOME!!! she has come amazingly far in her 3 short years. I couldn't find some of the pictures i wanted. I honestly felt like we didn't take that many pictures of Emmeline. mostly because i didn't really want t o be remembering what we were going through. then i realized that we would be going through "it" for a while so i started taking pictures. apparently we took more then i thought because there were a TON to go through. Anyway i figured the pictures explain most of it so i wont go on for a long time here. i will say the pictures definitely leave out the vomit i was swimming in for 2 years. Plus the last few days. lucky you.

still in there.

barely not in there.

whole. this is before any of her 8 surgeries.

cute little Buddha picture.

The hardest day and the beginning of many more.

Isa finally getting to visit.

Isa holding her.

Post G-tube installation. This one was the hardest for me. I chose to permanently scar her.

First Halloween. same day as G-tube

Her own little prison.

She had to wear the O2 24/7 back then because babies nap so much.

Her sleep set up. She still twirls her hair when she sleeps.

Working hard.

She got hours and hours of PT with Appy in NC.

First Christmas

One of many ventings.

More Appy therapy. Really.

Yes it looks like i am sitting on my daughter's chest. No, I am not really. This machine is a godsend but we both hate using it. Our power booger sucker!

Sometimes it's just to hard.

Playing at the park.

Scottish pride. She won best legs in a kilt form the local radio station!

Cousin play time. Before she felt confident with her balance.

Just darn cute!

She did not appreciate her 1st birthday cake. When we moved i set a goal with her speech therapist that she would eat at least one bite of her 2nd birthday cake with out crying. See below.

Right after we moved to Texas.

I'm not sure why she smiling here because I remember her crying at this cake too. maybe she wasn't sure what it was yet.

Bath face.

Ready to play in her first snow. She didn't care for it.

Christmas sister kisses.

The tongue helps with core strength of course.

1st sleep study. Worst night in a hospital EVER!

Our winters, and sometimes summers.

2nd birthday cake.

Sliding on her own at the Dallas Nature and Science Museum.

2nd sleep study. Josh did this one for me. :)

Respect the bun!!

Her best friend Eeyore. We start back with him on Friday!!!!!

The tiny Chef.

Yep. That's my girl. Go ahead, tell her she can't do something!


Too Organized

I like to know where things are and I usually do. At any given moment if josh or isa ask where to find something i know where about 85% of the time. during the reorganization re-haul on the house a few weeks ago i made sure everything had a place and was in it's place. my big problem is...i don't remember the places i put everything. i'm sure at the time my reasoning to place something where i did made sense to me. now it does not. this might have to do with the fact that everything got moved around or that my cognitive abilities are slightly impaired right now or a combo of both. most things i can't find aren't a big deal right then. one big thing i am missing however is my card reader for my digital camera. this in turn means no cute pictures i have been taking for the last few months for my blog readers. just boring whiny words. sorry. not even much of those really. sorry again.
life hasn't been going exactly smoothly lately. after my june joint swelling my health hasn't really been getting any better. nausea, vertigo, dizziness, and week long migraines have been happening more and more here. it has made reading for more then 2-5 minutes impossible without getting sick much less any typing. sometimes i can do nothing at all and be huddled in the bed incapacitated. not fun for anyone. especially josh. he has been great, if not incredibly freaked out. i am not a sickly person. so for me to be incapacitated means i am in trouble. with him in school now it has gotten a bit more difficult but still manageable. thank goodness.
add to all my fun emmeline graduating from ECI to public school therapy and isa homeschooling and i don't know where i get the time and energy to be sick. the school system better start being nicer or they will soon learn why Perkins' are usually quarantined when they are sick.
in the mean time i guess i should mess the house up again so i can find things.