Josh and I saw this movie when we were at blockbuster renting a movie and of course I have something to say about it. I don't get the title. From Justin to Kelly, that makes no sense. I mean, is he writing a letter to Kelly, are they in a town named Justin and are going to travel to a nearby town called Kelly, or is he giving her a gift and just wrote on the from that it was to her from him? Who came up with this title, better yet who had the idea of this title pitched to them and said hey, that's a good idea! I think that title of the movie should have something to do with what the movie is actually about not just be place to put the actors name, that is what the credits are for. Just for the publics information I do know what the title is referring to, it just annoys me.
I was having trouble thinking of a post because I was on fall break and wasn't around anyone except Isabella but after spending some time with adults I have a post.

My mother did a very good job teaching us phone etiquette while I was a child so I am a little picky about how other people use the phone. She would teach us before we could answer the phone that when we picked it up we were to tell the person where they called, and who they were speaking too. This might sound weird or that it would take a long time but it really didn't and we always got compliments on your phone manners. To help everyone understand what I am talking about I have written the following. It absolutely drives me crazy when someone calls me and says " do you know who this is?" how rude can you be? Do you really want to play a guessing game or did you just forget who you are? Next I don't like it when people call and say "what are you doing?" and then have nothing else to say or were you really that curious about what I was doing at that very second that you just had to call me and ask? I also have a problem with people who call you from a loud place and then yell in your ear that they can't hear you. Did they think all the noise would stop as soon as you picked up your phone? Josh brought up a good one that applied in the pre-cell phone era. The question of
"where are you?" did you not just call me? don't you know where you called? You would probably be surprised how mush this one occurs on a house line. To help all of those people who have committed these blunders I have made a list of phone rules.

1) always answer by telling you name
2) always identify yourself as soon as the person answers
3) call only if you have something to say other than asking them what they are doing
4) make sure it is quiet so you can hear them and they can hear you
5) lastly, know where you called.


Time for the latest Jake the snake story. Our classroom is set up of long tables that seat four people each. This is the only big classroom on the floor and it is packed with tables and chairs so it leaves little room to move around. At my table we sit, from left to right, Jake, Nyssa, me and Mac. Before class started the other day Nyssa was standing at the end of the table where Jake sits. She wanted to get to her seat and said "Jake, I am not that skinny, could you scoot your chair up a little?" he proceeds to ignore her. She asks again "Jake could you please move you chair up?" what happened next was one of the rudest things I have encountered in a while. Jake looks at her, leans forward, like he is going to move up, and just as she goes to walk to her seat he leans back in his seat and makes himself a little more comfortable. We all thought he would then laugh like any normal friend would do and move out of her way but no, this jerk just sits there and makes her walk all the way around the table and go behind me and Mac rather than move his chair up three inches. Needless to say, but Mac and I gave him some really dirty looks and told him how rude he was being. He just snickered and sat there. I was wondering what I could put as the little moral of this story and I think I have come up with something that works pretty well. DON"T BE LIKE JAKE!!!!


As most of you know I am taking some classes this semester at ASU. I don't like to leave Isabella for any longer than I have to so when I get out of class I try to get to my car as quickly as possible. This is when I tend to meet the less than intelligent individuals in our lovely little town. I say try because I am rarely successful in getting there quickly. It has come to my attention that people have no idea where they should walk while on a sidewalk. I thought this was common knowledge but apparently it isn't. I was always taught that you should stay as far to the right as possible unless you need to pass someone. This allows for a smooth uninterrupted walk. If both people stay to their right then everyone has plenty of room. It would appear that most people enjoy walking right in the middle of the sidewalk and refuse to move even if they see you coming, so you are forced to step off of the sidewalk so you can continue on your way without running into them. Did their parent's teach them nothing? I just want to keep going and walk right into these people. This inconvenience is costing me precious time with Isabella. I hadn't really noticed that I was ending all my posts in caps until josh pointed it out and I don't want to confuse anyone by changing it now so here it is, STAY TO THE RIGHT ON THE SIDEWALK!


I know I said that I wasn't going to do any more Isabella updates but at the request of several people I have decided to give it one more shot.

I took Isabella for her four month check up on Monday. This was her first visit to her new doctor. I had to switch because her old one was not very good with infants and it was very traumatic for both of us. This new guy is great though. He let me hold her through the whole exam instead of making me lay her on the table and hold her down. She did great and only cried when she got her shots and for about ten seconds afterwards. Her new stats are in the 90% for her height and weight. She is now 15 pounds, 12.6 ounces and very tall at 25.75 inches. Josh and I are thrilled that she is so health and growing so well. She isn't enjoying the rice cereal very much. In fact I am pretty sure she hates it but I have gotten very good at making her eat it. I think I might lay off it for a while though since she hates it so much, I don't want her to start to not like feeding time. She still loves her bottle though. :) there you go, the latest Isabella information.

Since I just had an encounter with some people that got on my nerves I think I will share with group. I was driving down king St. In Boone on the way to school today at around 1:00pm. For those of you who don't know about Boone, king St is one of the worst roads to drive on except at about 9:30 am on a Sunday. I was at a light trying to turn left and I knew I was going to have to wait for the light to turn yellow for me to turn so I waited patiently. Just as the light turned yellow I began to turn and a flock of people walking run about into the intersection trying to cross. Hello!, did you think you could make it all the way across in the 2 second pause before the light turned red. Of course you couldn't, that is why the sign said DON"T WALK!!! I then had to wait in the intersection for these people to get across so I could then get out of everyone else's way. There is a reason for the crosswalk sign. In case you missed it, the crosswalk is this really nifty invention that tells you, get this, when to walk. So please pay attention and if the sign says walk then by all means walk but if it says don't walk then KEEP YOUR BUTT ON THE CURB!
(just kidding Justin, I wasn't mad at you but who was that guy you were with?)


Since all of you are aware of the purpose of this web site I think that the following serves you right.

I can't stand it when I write something and then someone writes something very similar to what I wrote and they get all the attention. Yes I am attention hungry. I don't think this is really my fault since I am a middle child. I need attention. I just see no point in talking at all when people are only going to respond when someone else hasn't said the same thing after me. It doesn't bother me that someone else said the same thing, just that no one even mentions that I ever said it. So just for future reference I will not be giving any updates of Isabella on this site. Since you all seem to enjoy it when josh does it better.

now on to "The Jake"( to emphasize the filth). I have started bringing a snack to class with me. As I was eating my snack one day I hear someone ask if they can have some. To my surprise, before I could even answer, I see a hand in my food. A hand that for all I knew had not been washed in days. I was in shock at first and then completely lost my appetite. This guy, even though he saw me throw away the rest of my snack has tried to do the same thing again to me and one of my friends. We now eat with our food in our laps or before "The Jake" can come and steal some. If you must ask for someone elses food then at least wait until they say you can have some. People have serious issues when it comes to things they want . They think just because the y want it then they should get it. Well, the world is full of disappointment, so I am just trying to help you experience life when I say " KEEP YOUR HANDS OUT OF MY FOOD".


Just a little happy Isabella update. Tomorrow is her 4 month birthday. Happy Birthday Punky!!!! She gets to eat baby rice cereal now. Let the messes begin. That probably sounds pretty boring to most people but it is really cool to us. It just gets kind of boring feeding her only formula after a while. I am sure she was bored with it along time ago though. She is sooooo adorable. I will have to post some more recent pictures of her. More stupid people coming soon. I just wanted to give everyone a little baby info.