I Was Told To

I was recently told by someone that i need to do a post. Not just any post but a "cute" post. i took that to mean either a post about the baby or isa. well, isa, has been less than charming lately so rather than air my grievences against her i have opted to post a picture of the baby.
This is from me second ultrasound that was done at ~13.75 weeks. I really have no idea how far along i am. i only know that i have a two week period that i could deliver. i am not happy about that because now i feel like i am having a 42 week pregnancy. anyway, i like this picture beause it looks like that baby is waving at us. when they were actually doing the ultrasound you could see the hands moving. it was dancing up a storm in there too. kicking like crazy. Isabella didn't like ultrasounds either. she would kick the little sensor thing off. i couldn't feel it though. still a bit to early.