One Child's Trash...

The girls had SO much fin in Arizona playing with their cousin Charlotte.  I'll do a post about that later but for now I had to share this little bit of cuteness.  Charlotte has a plastic slide thing.  Emmeline called it her "castle".  She would sneak outside to play on it whenever she got the chance.  

She really loved the slide. 


So when I went to take out our trash this morning and found this little gem being thrown away because it was dirty, I was all too happy to give it a home.  So like many mothers would, I dove for it.  Literally.  Banged/cut up my shin in the process but it was totally worth it for  the excitement on her little face :)  It isn't quite as cool as Charlotte's but she could barely wait for me to clean it.  She stood right next to the door waiting and when I told her it was ready she ran past me and climbed up.

Then she invited her sister. 

 It took a lot of begging to get her to look up for this picture.


2 Good Years

Well, we made it a good 2 years without pneumonia.  I was hoping we were past that stage but when Emmeline came stumbling into our room at 5am on Sunday morning with a fever I just had a gut feeling.
Emmeline doesn't usual get fevers.  Unless she has pneumonia.  We were thinking of waiting a bit before we headed to the ER, but when she threw up the Advil we gave her for her fever I packed the bag and headed to the ER while stayed at home with the still sleeping Isa.
Thankfully they listened to me when I told them that she has a history of pneumonia and that was the likely culprit.  That way we were able to bypass the yucky throat scrapping strep test and go straight for the chest X-ray.
The doctor seemed pretty surprised that I thought she had pneumonia though since her lungs sounded clear.  Sure enough though, there was a spot on her lower left lung.  I think he was trying to appease me with the X-ray in retrospect and wasn't expecting to see anything on it. Don't question me OK?!

Here we are waiting with Donald for radiology.

 Not my best planning but when we ran out of pulse ox sensors about a month ago I didn't re order.  She has been doing so well that I was trying to wean myself from my addiction to having the sensor on her at night.  Anyway,  I sure wish we had some now,  especially last night.  There was no way I was going to put her in her room alone without it so we just pulled her mattress into the living room and then I slept on the couch.   It was also convenient since she needed Advil, antibiotic and breathing treatments during the night.

She is doing better today but since she is also getting over likely strep throat it is taking a bit longer then usual.  They just didn't run the actual test because it's so awful and it would have called for the same antibiotic as the pneumonia.  

Good times...


I Made My Money The Old Fashioned Way

This guy is SOOOO funny!  Definitely one of my favorite side characters on TV.

These are the best ones I could find on youtube but you should really just watch EVERY episode he is in.  Over and over.



Because I think she would like this as much as her gifts.


And for a touch of Megan.  I am pretty sure this is the camping trip when I spotted Big Foot.  For Real.


Do Trees Poop?

Last Monday evening I got one of the best surprises EVER!  Josh had been telling me for weeks that he wanted me to clear out our schedule for a few days around Halloween to do some family stuff.  It was a little weird since it was a Monday-Wed that he wanted but since he had been gone for 2 weekends I assumed he was just trying to get in some make up quality time.
I however, could not reschedule Emmeline's assessment wither new PT so our fun times were supposed to start when we got home around 3:00pm.  When I got home I found the COOLEST thing in my living room!  My sister Katie!!!

Anyone who knows me well, knows that I love a surprise pop in.  Well...from people I like.  It was a GREAT surprise since Katie and I don't get to spend a lot of time together.   I screamed like a little sorority girl at a reunion, which was a little embarrassing.

Shortly after she got here we had to take Isa to dance.  There is a park across the street so we headed over there to play and Katie got some really cute shots of Emmeline.  She also came with gifts for the girls including this shirt for Emmeline that saying "Don't need a permit for these guns".  She really liked it.

 I believe this is right before we went to the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens the next day.  Katie also got Emmeline that adorable penguin hat.

 We found out that Isa is finally tall enough to no need a booster anymore so we tried having her sit in the middle so Katie could have more room.  She and Emmeline fought like crazy so we had to move Katie back to the middle.  This of course enabled her to capture this gem.

 Katie brought this hat for Isa.  It took quite a while to convince her not to take it to Girl Scout camp this weekend.

 Aunt Katie with the girlies.

Emmeline ended up getting really tired and just kind of latched onto Katie's leg.

Until she picked her up for some cuddles.

We went trick or treating on Wednesday night.  I was not planning on dressing up which is why my costume isn't great but after seeing Katie's costume I did my best to make one to kind of go with it.  

In case you can't tell what we are.

 It occurs to me now that we should have done my loud face with them off and then me doing a thumbs up or something when the mittens were on, so I could show how quiet they are.  Oh, well.
I also think I ended up looking more like a manager at McDonald's then Charlie but Josh doesn't own any short sleeved dress shirts.  Either way, we are pretty awesome!

 It isn't really Halloween without some yummy treats like Haystacks.

 Also some ghosts.

 One last cuddle.

It was SO fun having her visit.  Just the pick me up I needed.


DIY Costume Props

I got too much stuff when I was thinking of how to make Dobby's ears.  I ended up not needing the dark brown at all.    

 I basically folded the felt around the headband and lined up the two opposite corners.  I glued that part first so I could keep everything lined up.  I will also say here that I ended up not keeping it on this hard headband.  Once the felt was glued it wouldn't lay flat so I switched it to a stretchy headband.  

 I just glued around the edge and trimmed off any excess fabric so get the ear shape I wanted.  Then bunched up and glued like CRAZY

 Here is the elf "posing"

 "Are you still here?"

 Next we did the wands.  I found a very cool tutorial for these wands here.  It calls for wooden chopsticks, hot glue, beads of varying sizes, and several shades of brown paint.

First cover the area you want to be the handle in hot glue.  I did not get a picture of the next step but when the glue is warm but not hot you roll it between your palms to shape it.  You can add several layers, which is what we did to build up a bigger handle.  Then add what ever texture you want on your wand.  We rolled some in beads and some we just made textures with more hot glue.

Here are a few finished but unpainted. 

 Then paint them in whatever shade of brown you would like.

 If you're lucky you'll get to have a big mess like me.  I had already cleaned up twice by now.

 Our pile of painted wands.

For Hermione's scarf I have not tips.  Other then get a sister who knits and crochets to make it for you ;)