I was in the geography computer lab today and I was telling some of my "friends" about some odd things that totally freak me out. I call them my "friends" because as I started to bare my soul to them they began to laugh and make fun of me. I told them about how I hate dry dirt on me or anyone else, that I can't stand the thought of chewing on felt (why chew on it you ask, well, I don't know that is why they are odd phobias), and that I can't stand the sound of socks rubbing together. My friends apparently thought this was really weird. I just always thought that all people's phobias were weird but these guys only feared heights and spiders and stuff. Not that those aren't legitimate fears. I was just wondering if I was abnormal in some way.
Here is what I want to know, am I crazy or do you guys have some weird phobias too? If so why not tell us about them. Just keep in mind there are no guarantees that you wont be made fun of.

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