nothing much is happening for me but i can't stand to see that old date at the top. i have been getting bigger every day and can't wait to get this baby out. i am in no hurry to have two kids but i feel so uncomfortable that i am getting over that.

we are having a fun long weekend this weekend hanging out with friends in Charlotte. it is nice to see them but it feels painfully hot to me. we are bout to go to the pool which i am very excited about. josh, justin, quentin and lauren are going to the counting crows concert tonight. isa and i can't do the long nights anymore. it should be fun for them though.

i had a great baby shower thrown by my sister katie. she is an amazing cook and the food was soooooooo good. we ended up getting just about everything we needed for the baby. it was really fun. i would post pictures but someone already did.

isa is talking now and i can't think.