I have some extra time between my classes today so I thought I should probably update. I can't really think about anything but school right now so this is going to be a geography post.
I have to do a book report for my senior seminar class and I chose a book entitled, Geography of Nowhere: the Rise and Decline of the Man-Made Landscape. This is a really good book and would recommend it for recreational reading. It is about how sprawl (rapid growth) of our cities has led to us being a automobile dependent society and that everywhere looks like nowhere in particular. This is what I am going to rant about today.
it just baffles me that we have let our landscape turn into what it has. How many of you can walk to the grocery store? How many of you can walk to any store? Every time you want to run errands do you find yourself getting in the car? I don't know about you but this really bothers me. I would love to live in a pace where Isabella and I could walk to the park or grocery store. It seems like a dream when people describe towns where you can walk everywhere you need to go and you know your neighbors or have a garden. What happened to this town? People not wanting to share, that is what happened. People just can't stand not having their own space. Think about it, when you were a kid, did you want to share a room with your sibling? If people would just suck it up and share some stuff we wouldn't be stuck in the car all day. Did you know the average American spends four days stuck in traffic per year? Why are we so obsessed with cars? I hate driving because as you can imagine, people make me angry. I think I would be a lot more relaxed if there were n't so many cars around here, or anywhere for that t matter. Cars make you fatter too. I wrote a paper last semester and Studies actually show that people living in a town or city where they can't walk to run errands have a high body mass index.
anyway I'm rambling a little so here it is, SPRAWL SUCKS!!!!!!!!


I have a question for my readers that saw the super bowl on Sunday. If you happened to tune in for the half time show than you probably saw the "flash". I want to know how many of you think this was done intentionally or by accident and why? If you have any reasons to support you theory. I was going to put up a link that someone sent me of a picture of the occasion but since I have some young readers I will leave it off, I'm sure if you want to find a picture of the incident you can do it yourself.

I must admit I was disappointed by the show but not surprised. Our society is going down the crapper:(