Conversations With Isa

I thought I would share with you some conversations I have had with Isabella lately.

I told Isabella about the paci fairy who would come and get her pacies when she was ready and leave her a present. Isa decided she must be a mermaid fairy. The other night after we put Isabella to be we heard her crying. Josh went in first and then came out and said she wanted me. When I went in this is what she said.

Isa: (crying) Mommy can I leave my pacies for the paci mermaid fairy?

Me: Do you remember that if the paci mermaid fairy gets your pacies then you can't have them back?

Isa: well, can't i just get my present from the fairy for a little while and then give it back and she can bring my pacies back?

Me: I will have to ask her and see.

Isa: Do you know her?

Me: Yes all Mommies know her.

Isa: Does she have a mommy?

Me: Yes. Everyone has a Mommy.

Isa: What is her Mommies name?

Me: I don't know. I will have to ask her that too.

Isa: Where do they live?

Me: Somewhere far away.

Isa: Just tell me mommy.

Me: I'm not exactly sure. Please go to sleep now.

Last night when Isabella was in the bath we were playing with her mermaid dolls and she said this.

Isa: Now they can get married.

Me: But they are both girls.

Isa: Well we can pretend your is a boy. What is his name?

Me: How about Michael?

Isa: Mommy, isn't that the name from your favorite show?

Me: What show?

Isa: The Office Mommy.


Merlin, I Just Swallowed a Bug

I had an interesting experience tonight. We have our sub leaser living with us the last week we are here. his American name is Richard. He is really nice. i say his American name because he is Korean. we took him to the Korean market tonight to get some food that would make him feel more at home. he wanted me to try these.

If you can't tell they are bugs. well, silk worm larva. apparently Koreans eat them all the time and josh had them several times in Korea. I didn't want to try them but Richard insisted. By the way, it took us a while to convince Isa to get that close to them.

This is a picture of me right before i ate it.

Of course i had josh video tape this since it will NEVER happen again. Click here.


My Shadow Is Buff

i was feeling rather portly the other day and decided to go running. I didn't go for the reason most people would think of. i didn't go because logically you can lose weight if you exercise. i ran because i knew it was 5:30 and the sun was low in the sky. on my route this would stretch my shadow out so i would look very tone for the whole run. i am deeply into tricking my mind. i really do start to think by the end of the run that that is really how i look. it is amazing how a shadow really smooths out all the not quite so perfect spots on your body. usually that and not the actual physical exercise makes me feel good. kind of weird huh?