"Feeding" Therapy and Project Runway

so since we were cleared to do official feeding therapy i have been doing about the same thing. just a little more aggressively. em hates that part. she like to be in control, as well all do. it is a fine line between pushing her too much and pushing her right to the edge. anyway, i got these cute pictures of em the other night. i had stopped working with her to read to Isa for about 4 minutes at the most. she was totally clean when i started reading. this is how i found her when i looked up.

you can see the mischief in her eyes.

and the close up. it took a while to clean her.

the other day Isabella wanted to watch the project runway marathon that came on before the finale. Isabella was totally engrossed in it and i finally had to make her turn it off. she then spent the rest of her day designing and outfit for me and my fictional cat (bottom left) complete with a pink headband, green leash for the cat and the detailed blue elephants on my shirt. rather then drawing the elephants on the shirt she drew each one separately and then taped them exactly where she wanted them. she even started with a sketch of the design complete with color swatches for each piece. it was adorable and very well thought out. she even made a cute little pink cape for my kitten and designed me socks which you can't even see once you put on the boots she picked for me. ever since then she keeps talking about her "style". i love it.