Time for the latest Jake the snake story. Our classroom is set up of long tables that seat four people each. This is the only big classroom on the floor and it is packed with tables and chairs so it leaves little room to move around. At my table we sit, from left to right, Jake, Nyssa, me and Mac. Before class started the other day Nyssa was standing at the end of the table where Jake sits. She wanted to get to her seat and said "Jake, I am not that skinny, could you scoot your chair up a little?" he proceeds to ignore her. She asks again "Jake could you please move you chair up?" what happened next was one of the rudest things I have encountered in a while. Jake looks at her, leans forward, like he is going to move up, and just as she goes to walk to her seat he leans back in his seat and makes himself a little more comfortable. We all thought he would then laugh like any normal friend would do and move out of her way but no, this jerk just sits there and makes her walk all the way around the table and go behind me and Mac rather than move his chair up three inches. Needless to say, but Mac and I gave him some really dirty looks and told him how rude he was being. He just snickered and sat there. I was wondering what I could put as the little moral of this story and I think I have come up with something that works pretty well. DON"T BE LIKE JAKE!!!!

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