To Cheap To Buy New Clothes...Again

Last year I was trying to deal with the fact that I had put on 10 pounds I couldn't get rid of.  I fought and got really depressed but in the end decided that I shouldn't obsess over a number so I figured I should just bite the bullet and buy a size up.  All was well as I tried to get comfortable with a mushy me.
Then I got home from Christmas this year only to see that I had once again put on 7 pounds over that year as well.  VERY not cool.  I, being the super cheap person I am refused to buy yet another size up.  Plus I was gross.  Thus began my new calorie counting working out regime.  Part of me was hoping it wouldn't work.  That I really couldn't help it and there was nothing I could do.  Alas, it worked.  Well, so far.  I have lost 10.5 pounds and then stalled.  I am just pushing on in hopes that I keep losing but I do feel stronger.
It has me wondering though.  If I have to work this hard to get the weight off do I really want to live to maintain that? Not likely but we'll see. I am hoping once we get to a place where I can be more generally active it wont be so hard.


I Told A Little Lie

A week or so ago my sister asked if I had cut Emmeline's hair after seeing a picture of her on Facebook.  I said no because I am super slow and hadn't posted about it yet and for me it was a SUPER big deal.  Why such a big deal? Because Emmeline has never had a hair cut.  Well, other than the little bit behind her ear they clipped (and saved) for me after Emmeline's CI implantation.  See, she was born with a beautifully soft full head of black hair.  It was adorable.  Then, at 3 months old it fell out. In very traumatic clumps. I even took her into the doctor I was so worried about he rate of the loss.  He delivered the bad news.  Since Emmeline was basically starving for the first 8 weeks of her life her hair was now falling out due to malnutrition.  I scored some major great mom points that day I'll tell you.  One of many blows to my ego involving Emmeline.  Due this the trauma I just haven't been able to bring myself to cut her hair.  It didn't help that she was great about letting me fix it and had cute little blond tips.  That ended after she saw Isa get all her hair cut off before Christmas.  She wants to do whatever Isa does.  This led to crying and whining about "needing" a hair cut.  I finally worked myself up to it only to be getting ready to cut it and finding out that Josh wasn't ready, so we waited.  Then when Emmeline asked again I sent her to Josh.  He caved and the haircut was on.

Here she is full length

She really wanted a ponytail to see that had been cut off since Isa had one.

 Almost through

All done.  I know, I know.  It doesn't really look like I cut off much but I did!

Here is the pony tail.  It's actually about 5-6 inches long so quite a bit.  She loves it but was sad that I hadn't cut it short like Isa's.  I told her Mommy wasn't ready and she had to work up to it. She looks adorable and I made it through.  Win win.


Have I Been Putting This Off?

Of course I have!  Who wants to deal with the comeback post?  Not this girl.  Either you try and start from where you are now and hope no body notices or you try and do a bunch of posts to highlight each thing in all it's glory.
Here's the thing.  I had to cut back on my crafting goal.  The big thing...I have to move all these crafts after I make them.  Yeah it was a great distraction but who wants to lug all that down 3 flights of stairs? Not this girl. So I pulled back a bit and focused on something much more fun but a bit more dangerous.
 My food Pinterest board.  I decided that I should make as many of the recipes as I can and move them  from "things I would eat (maybe)" onto "things I have eaten".  Fun because, hello, yummy food but dangerous because some of those things are exactly calorie counting friendly. I hate tiny portions!  But, Emmeline can eat something really fast if she likes it so I don't have to worry that it will be around calling to me for a along time.
I of course couldn't ignore everything we have done lately so I have some random pictures to follow that I like form the last month of so. Some crafty but mostly darn cute!

Emmeline on her first beach trip. She was not interested in touching the water, or maybe I should say in the water touching her.  The girl likes to be in control.

 Pony bliss.

Hoping she'll have better knife skills than me.

 Putting on a show at the park.

 My Mom gave me the treasured wheat grinder form my childhood and a whole bucket of wheat. Needless to say, I am having fun with those :)  

 Moving means we have to let stuff go, to stay emotionally healthy or some crap along those lines. These are the sippy cups Emmeline learned to really drink from and the little medicine bottle I would carry around her daily oil that I mixed in her food to up the calories.  My how far we've come.

 While Josh and I were waiting to hear back from Sweet Briar and feeling really homesick, a fellow southerner (Tennessee) made this for me :)

I made these really yummy greek yogurt souffl├ęs.  Yummy.

I canned a TON of ham.

 Emmeline and Isa were invited to a party at build a bear. Heaven.  I think she is smelling that bear maybe?

 They have MLP there now so I'm sure there was no doubt what Emmeline would pick.  She was the only one to not pick Twilight Sparkle though. She likes to stand out :)  Isa got a red panda:)

I recovered this...

Into this.  I was going to do a whole post on it but all you do is take out your cushions, trace them leaving a seam allowance and sew around the edge. I love it.

Someone got a mini trampoline for second Christmas.

One of Emmeline's best friends moved away :(

Emmeline spent a solid week in these curls because she wanted to look like her friend from school.  Poor girl, Isa and I could not stop squeezing and kissing her because she was just too darn cute!!

Sister OT crab walk.

I also made a magnetic chalk board with an oil drip pan and some chalkboard spray paint.  FYI: oil drip pan $12, paint ~$4.

Climbing the tree shrubs.

Several times a week Isa and I walk down to the public library near Emmeline's school to do her school work.  There is a pond next door with many varieties of birds.  Isa is obsessed.

 A fire truck came to Emmeline's school. The men were a little overwhelmed by all this cuteness ;)

You might be asking yourself, Isn's she a little young to be driving a fire truck?  Yes, yes she is.

She even let Isa have a turn

Don't worry, she's a professional.

I got Isa some roller blades and she spends quite a bit of her time like this.  Regardless of whether she is inside or outside.

I honestly feel like I just pictured puked all over you so, sorry about that but it had to be done. Well, it made me feel better anyway.


Read At Once If Convenient. If In Convenient, Read Anyway.

I love Sherlock.  No, really.  I love it so much that I haven't seen the last 2 episodes of season 2 or any of season 3. I do no everything that happens however.  I read.  For those that know me well, this comes as no shocker.  They know I get way to invested if I see things actually happening verses reading what happened.  That was I get adequate time to process things before I see them with my own eyes. It's a whole process.  So, when I saw this I knew I had to get my lips on him..I mean it. ;)

My blanks mug.  I went for one of those big soup mug/bowl things.  What can I say?  I like herbal infusions :)

 I ended up doing this over quite a few times because it was WAY to off center.  This was close enough.  Use an oil based paint pen.  When you have it the way you want, put on a cookie sheet and insert in a cold oven.  heat oven to 350 degrees.  When it reaches temperature start the timer for 30 minutes.  Then turn oven off and let the mug stay in there until it has totally cooled.   I do mine right before bed.  That way it's all cool for my morning cup.

 I am not going to show you the Pinterest picture for these because mine are hideous in comparison.  My girls still love them and have played with them nonstop.  They are rice filled owls, for ouches and ear infections and such.  First make a rough owl outline. I am using some of Emmeline's old leggings.  Then cut it out and sew around the edge. 

Leaving a gap on one side for stuffing the rice in.  Leave yourself a bigger gap than I did.  I only left about an inch and it made them really hard to turn right side out.  

Turn right side out.

 stuff with rice.

 Sew your hole closed.

I cut out felt for my eyes and then hot glued them on.  I'm not sure what impact that will have when they are heated.  I'll let you know.  You my want to sew them on just in case.  You could also use different fabric.  They would also be really cute with little beaks but by the end I didn't really feel like it.  In then end I had 7, I can't find the pictures of the other pattern :(

Price Break Down:
Sherlock mug : $1 for mug at the $1 store. 
I had the paint pen but if you need to buy it it would be about $1.75 with a 50% off coupon.
Total for me: $1

I used old fabric I already had so $0
 I used long grain rice ~ $1 a bag at the store.
Total for me:

Can't beat that!


Christmas in February

We went back to NC for Christmas this year.  Here we are on the night of our arrival getting some cuddle time in with Appy to refill their cuddle reserves.

 Our first weekend there Isa went with Appy to Dollywood and the rest of us went to Quentin and Lauren's house.  Here is Emmeline in her Christmas dress by Q and L's tree.

 There was quite a bit of Aunt Lauren cuddling going on.

 This one was my favorite find when I looked on my phone later.  Silly girls.

 Elf Emmeline helping Grandmama make cookies.

 I love this shot.  This was when we told Emmeline that Santa was angry because she forgot to leave out some cookies for him. Priceless.  Don't worry, we told her we covered for her before she got really upset. She got a Doc McStuffins set from Santa and loved using it on everyone.

 Showing Appy her goodies

 Major score for me.  A Harry Potter Always ring!!

 Holiday tattoos.

 Giving her cousins a check up.

A little tea party

On out second trip to Mount Airy we went to Josh's old scout camp and hiked up Raven Knob.  It had quite a few steep parts and I got quite the workout carrying Emmeline up there.

Isa was right at home.

 We found a super cheap little red Christmas tree on sale after Christmas and Emmeline might have like it.

Grandmama helped Isa design and sew a dress for her American girl doll (which was her Santa gift...again).

They both really enjoyed the little snowball fight they had.  We could only stay out for a couple of minutes as the temperature was int he negative.

Lots of dress up fun to be had in the warm house.

 Isa with her Santa gift. She really wanted Molly before she retired.

 My other score.  Beets By Schrute.

Way more happened but these picture posts can be so long already, plus I doubt anyone wants a play by play of what happened in a while month of our lives.