I Would Have To Agree

Those of you who follow me on facebook already know that a couple of days ago josh and i entered Em in the "Best Legs in a Kilt" contest at the local radio station. she was up against 9 other people all of which had been listed to recieve votes for at least 1.5 weeks. well, after a little over 36 hours Emmeline swept the compeition and won. she was two stars ahead of the second place winner. her picture is adorable.
i was a little irritated that someone would vote her down every night so she didn't get a full 10 stars in the end but whatever. my kid's better than them! HEHEHE.

here is the winning picture! the kilt is a bit long but she will grow into it.

here is the link of the contest if you want to check it out.

Thanks to all of our friends/family who voted 10 stars for our cutie!!!!!


Em's Tree

Those of you who know my weirdness probably know that i like to plant a tree with my baby's placenta. we did it for Isa so i was determined to do is for Em as well. we planted Isa's when she was about a week old. it took us a bit long for Em (she is almost 10 months) but in the end we did it. it took several days to do because there is only one spot of sunshine in my parent's yard because of all the trees. the only problem was that there was a very old strong bush/tree there that i had to move. it was also on a hill. shoveling on a hill is harder then i anticipated but i did it. we also moved isa's tree so it could be in the sun spot as well. a lot of work but worth it.

For anyone who is really curious about what the placenta looks like, scroll down.