Like many people this season, I have gotten sick. I wasn't quite sure what it was because I would be fine one day and then really sick the next day. Finally I decided to go to the health center at school. I figured they would give me some antibiotics and I would get better pretty fast. Well, when I got there there were only two other students in the whole center. I register and then they ask me my symptoms so I rattle the list off, burns to breath and cough, clogging in my ears, nasal congestion and burning from dryness as well as a low grade temp and a weird red rash in the back of my mouth and down my throat. After telling the nurse this she asks me to go and sit back in the waiting area. At this point I should say that when I checked in I filled out a form saying I wanted all medicines given to me explained. Well, after sitting in the waiting area for a few minutes the Dr. calls my name and I go back for what I thought would be another mild examination. In reality I only stayed in that room for roughly 45 seconds while he tells me my lungs are clear, my ears are fine and my throat is not swollen. I was in shock for a second and by the time I came out of it I was back in the lobby. It all of those things were fine then I must not be sick, but wait........yep there it is, I am still sick. Then the nurse comes out and hands me a bottle of super decongestants and walks off before I can say anything. I could understand being rushed out like this if it were really busy but there was more medical staff there than students.
I just don't understand how I have nothing in my lungs when stuff comes out when I cough or why I can't hear if my ears are clean not to mention that my throat hurts. This must be all my imagination. I guess I just enjoy being sick so much that I would inflict all these symptoms on myself just to I could feel like crap. Silly me, I should have know that the incredibly wonderful doctors at the health center would see right though that.
needless to say, I will not be going to the health center ever again if I am really sick with something. They are completely incompetent. I'm sure I could complain more but against the advise of my physician I am sick.


Josh and I missed our date last week. We decided to try and make up for it by going out to eat at Macados. After we found a babysitter we were off. We arrived at Macados at about 7:00 pm and there was a line. This doesn't happen very often so they don't really have a system when the restaurant is full. Well, anyway, there was a party of six in front of us and after they told us there restaurant was full we stepped back to make room for people were would get seated before us and so it wouldn't been so crowded. About five minutes later a young college age couple comes in and walks right past the people waiting and gets in the front of the line. Josh looked at me and said "I would feel a lot better if they were at the back of the line" I agreed and about that time more people came in and we had to move up so they could get in the door. After a few more minutes the hostess comes up and asks me if I was waiting for a tow top and said she would seat us after she rang up some people waiting to pay there bill. I was surprised yet prepared for what happened next. The guy from the college couple turns abound and says "actually we were in front of you" , without much of a pause I turned and said " actually we were in front of you but you walked past us and got in the front of the line" he looked a little surprised at this but backed down. The waitress laughed about it on the way to the table because she was surprised that he had done that and said she remembered us and would have said something if I had not.
I just don't get people. Why did he think he was first? The whole lobby was full of people when he got there. It just baffles me.


I love living in the mountains! With all the beautiful trees, streams and rolling green hills. I especially love the fall and winter. The leaves changing and the white fluffy snow. My cute little family decided to go and take some pictures, with Josh's digital camera which I a sure you have all heard about, at Grandfather Mountain and then blowing rock. I was then reminded why I hate living in the mountains, floridiots. They are everywhere and Blowing Rock is crawling with then. They just walk out in front of your car at intersections and then look at you like you have broken some law. I guess we should be grateful that they actually came to the crosswalk. They usually just walk out into the street and stop traffic in both directions. These people are also proof of an earlier theory that stupid pedestrians make stupid drivers. I can't get anywhere in under 25 minutes and without stopped for several people who can't drive and cut me off or hold up traffic because there reflexes are so slow that it takes them 8 seconds after the light changes to push their gas petal, and there are speed limits for a reason. If you don't feel safe driving the posted limit then you shouldn't be driving! I could go on about his for a while but I think I will save some for another time.