A Little Laugh

Dad and I were chatting during our run the other day about The Bear. He has been trying to contact the race director to ask him about some stuff and he hasn't been returning his email or phone calls. Well, dad decided to give it one last try and the guy actually answered.

After talking to him for a while the guy stops and says "oh, you're the guy causing all the commotion!". Dad had no idea what he was talking about to he asked him what he was referring to. The guy responds with "the grandfather mountain official had a heart attack when the saw you come over the last hill with that baby stroller. I am having a special meeting with them this afternoon to discuss it and see about putting restrictions on the race. No one has ever even attempted that before!"

Dad and I got quite a laugh from this. After talking to him for a bit longer it would appear that my dad will be the only one ever to run the bear with a jogging stroller. GO DAD!