Happy Dumple Day!

Emmeline is 6!  She is so super amazing.  She has come so far and continues to blow me away all the time:)  So...of course that means a look how far my super awesome, amazing, cool kid has come.  I know you're excited! She is cute after all ;)

Her difficult start

Daddy's hat

Spy training

 In disguise 

So comfortable at the doctor that she took some glamour shots

 Signature pose as a cricket

"I'n getting mawwied"

 we will call this oral motor therapy ;)

 I have literally hundreds if not thousands of selfies Emmeline takes.


 riding her bike

 Shirley Temple tribute

 mini Dr Harris

 Or firefighter Harris.  She likes to keep her options open.

 You know you want one too :)

She had a blast with her cousins this summer

 first time in a convertible.

Graduating from PreK.

 I think she likes the water so much because it takes the pressure off of her to stay balanced.  She can just float along.

We are really seeing all her hard work and fighting pay off.  She has been sedated at least 30-40 times, had 13 surgeries and had therapy almost every day of her life. This year she started mainstream kindergarten and is in the advanced group!  If I think about it for too long I become a sobby mess so I choose to just look at how darn adorable she is! Although this time 6 years ago I was a sobby mess as they transferred me alone in an ambulance to a bigger hospital while in labor! Who does that?!  Anyway...Cute.