31.7 and the shirt to prove it!

So I finally finished the first stage of the Distance Challenge(5k-1/2 marathon). The half marathon was really tough. We got quite a few funny looks and comments about the portable DVD player for Isabella. We had quite a group running with us for a while. Dad even had someone tell him he should patent the idea.

The first part was really tough so I had to walk some hills. After a while though my muscles started cramping so we couldn't walk anymore(because if you stop you can't start again). Some race official came up with the great idea of having the last 300 yards or so of the race be up hill. I would love to know who that is so I can egg their house. They were calling for rain so we brought Samantha so she could watch Isa if it did rain. We lucked out though and we had great weather for all 4 races so Isa got to do them all with us! We also had Samantha take a finish line picture of us but I don't have the camera so I'll add that later.

Terra was kind enough to pick up our Distance Challenge shirts for us since she lives in Charlotte. I'll take a picture and add that too. We get a jacket for doing a marathon. Soon I'll look like a pro:)

I guess we also lucked out health wise because Isa got sick a few days after the race and has been ever since so we have been treadmill bound for training which cuts down on the mileage I can do because of my knee. We are still planning on doing a marathon and it looks like it will be the myrtle beach marathon on Feb 19th. I'm super nervous and excited.