How Ironic

I just spent quite a bit of my time on a post called "luck of the Irish" in which I told a story about Isabella and how her luck was better than mine. I was starting to not believe in luck but then something happened that reaffirmed I have no luck whatsoever. My computer freaked out and deleted my whole post picture uploads and all. That just sucks.

Ever since I was a kid I have never won a drawing. I am not making this up. Even when my Uncle Brian died and all the cousins got to pick a t-shirt of his I was last(he has really cool fire work shirts). Well Isa and I went to a fundraiser for the playhouse and they had drawings for little stuffed cows, a t-shirt and some playhouse passes. I put Isa's name in because my friend shiree made me but I figured she would have my luck and not win anything. I was very wrong however because she won the coolest prize. The cute t-shirt. She fell in love with it right away because it had a cow on it and she loves animals. She wore it there, home , to bed and tried to wear it the next day. Luckily I convinced her to wear her tiger shirt in stead. Poor cows, they will always be second best to tigers.

She got pretty upset when I interrupted the care bears to take her picture.

Then she got frustrated when I wanted to take more.

Finally I just took one of the shirt so everyone could read it. Pretty cute huh?


Support Our Walmart

I always have to laugh a little bit when I see those "Support Our Troops" magnets or stickers on peoples cars. Do they think that by putting that on their car they are actually supporting them? In actuality you are supporting walmart. They took your money right? You boosted their business right? Why then doesn't it say support our walmart? Because that wouldn't sell. Do you think they are giving one cent of that money to the troops? I personally don't like walmart. They support quite a few things I don't. I also find their founder to be a lying jerk. I guess that in reality I am laughing to keep myself from rolling down the window and yelling about how stupid these people are. What good does this sticker/statement do? Nothing unless you have stock in walmart.

Don't try to get on here and say people put these on their car to show moral support. That is just dumb. What person would really say they hate the troops? It's just kind of understood that we support them. I can only figure that they are trying to make it look like they do something more than the rest of us when in reality they aren't.