She Is So Cute!

This post is about a book that my mother used to read to me when I was a kid called Where Did The Baby Go?

I really loved this book so when I moved out I took it, along with others, with me. I have placed all these beloved children's books in Isa's room for her to look at when she gets the urge. Well, she got the urge to read this one and has asked Josh or I to read it to her every time she goes to bed or even when she just wanders in and sees it.

The book is about a little girl who finds a picture of herself when she was a baby and asks her mom who the baby is. Her mother decided to give her hints to make it a learning experience as all good mothers do. She sends her daughter through the house looking for traces of the baby. As the little girl looks places and finds no baby she says "Where did the baby go?" This is when Isabella chimes in with "I don't know!" It took me a little while to realize what she was saying since she had a passy in but when I did I laughed out loud. Since she has turned this in to an interactive book it doesn't really have the desired affect of making her sleepy. She does enjoy it though so we read it anyway.

I was going to post a picture of the cover but I can't find one on the internet and my scanner wont work. Sorry.

To Matt and Mary Ann.

I am really OCD so sorry in advance. In your video where you are eating the figs and Mary Ann says it reminders her of the creature from star wars you are talking about two totally different creatures. Mary Ann is referring to the monster they land in while running away from the empire fighters in "The Empire Strikes Back" and Matt is talking about he sand pit creature in "The Return of the Jedi". And the fourth little pumpkin says "lets run and run and run".


Get Out Of My Freakin' Way!

I have been a licensed driver for 8 years now and there is something that I recently noticed about certain other drivers on the eh road. Something I like to call "comfort speed". My theory, which I think hold especially true in Boone, is this. There is a certain speed that drivers feel comfortable driving. They cannot mentally make themselves go faster than said speed unless they were gong to die and even then they would probably just freak out and stop. This can be very annoying when the speed limit is say, 45 but the person in front of you has a maximum speed of 35. I wonder if they even know what the speed limit is or if they just hang out around 30-35 and hope they are going the speed limit. Can they not see the sign? Or is it that they just don't care? Either way these people should be pulled over and have their license taken away for obstructing traffic.

another one of my driving favorites are those people who forget they are driving. You know what I am talking about. You are behind someone and they gradually start to slow down. But, as soon as you start to pass them they go "oh, crap I'm driving" and then speed back up. This one particularly bothers josh since he is a big cruise control user.

I try not to hate anyone but most of my close friends and family know I hate stupid people. Not people who have real learning disabilities but those people who think there is nothing going on around them. It is like thy forget there are other people in the world try to go places or do things. Which is why when I run into these forgetful or comfort drivers I want to rear end them right off the road in to a ditch and dope that evolution is really true.