Spring Break

we didn't want to just sit around for spring break so we decided to go on several day trips. on Monday we went to the outlet mall in Allen. josh needed some new clothes. plus i love outlets. oddly though i ended up not getting anything. we didn't take any pictures there. then we went to Dallas to eat here.

my cousin Traci told us about it and we had to go. Isa was so excited when we pulled up. em couldn't look away.

on Tuesday we went to the Dallas Nature and Science Museum. It was fun but a bit stressful. there were a ton of people there and we had to wait in line for line 30 minutes before we could get tickets. in the end we got an annual pass because it was a great deal and it works for several museums back home that i loved as a kid. The Catawba Science Center and Discovery Place.
They are awesome and we will be able to go while we are home for our summer visit. Since it was spring break there were a TON of people there. it was a bit crazy and i wasn't able to really teach Isa anything because you practically had to shove kids out of the way so they wouldn't take things from your kid. i hate it when people just let their kids tun wild but that is a while other topic. Here are some cute pictures.

she really liked the bubbles. she was getting pretty good at bouncing them by the end.

the had huge sandboxes for fossil digging under and around the Dino bones. i think that was her favorite.

outside they had some sculptures that went out on the little pond by the museum. she had a lot of fun on those but she kept freaking out that josh was going to push her in. plus it was really windy so we didn't stay long.

she was pretty scared to go out there because she had to jump over a muddy spot half way. she made it though.

Emmeline tried to be a good sport.

in the end she couldn't do it. she fell asleep as soon as we came inside. you can kind of see in the corner, but there was a display of sculptures made of girl scout cookie boxes. they were pretty neat.

for dinner josh picked a restaurant from Diners Drive-ins and Dives. It was called Twisted Root. it was good. josh loved it but i ended up not feeling very well so i couldn't judge it fairly.

playing while waiting for our food.

Wednesday we took a much needed break. we were all tired and josh had some work to do.

on Thursday we wen to fort worth. traffic was horrible going and coming. we drove out at 11:30 and were in traffic for a LONG time. then we ended up going home during rush hour. bad choice i know but my decision making wasn't so good since i had low blood sugar and a very tired baby. anyway. we went to the Forth Worth Modern Art Museum first. em and i waited outside since she was eating (public feedings make josh nervous because of the possible puke) and i had forgotten my student id for my discount ticket. josh and Isa liked it though. next we went to the Forth Worth Botanic Garden. It was pretty but a lot of things were still dead. we enjoyed walking around though. i think it would be really fun to take a picnic and some sport stuff next time.

Isabella had a really fun time playing in the hollowed out log. as you can see so did a lot of other kids.

em was getting a bit antsy in the stroller so we walked a bit.

then some cute pictures. you can't really tell from this but she was crying for me to pick her up. apparently she isn't a fan of nature.

all in all it was a bit to bright for her so i used my jacket to make her this.

it looks like she was trying to crawl our but she actually liked it and would hold the flap up to peek out.

next came my big surprise for josh and Isa.

i don't know if you can see the sign but my mom called a while ago and told me that she found out that they have Mellow Mushroom in Forth Worth! they were really excited!

they had these panted bulls out front so we had to have a picture.

Friday we went to the park but i didn't take any pictures. needless to say that by Saturday we all needed another rest. it was a fun spring break but I'm glad they only happen once a year.