Isabella's Chistmas

I have updated isabella's wish list. she picked out everything on it. i have also added notes as to which ones are her favorites. I hope this helps anyone who was wondering what she might want.


I did it once

so i looked at the adds for black Friday and found some really great deals at best buy. for certain reasons i wont go into i was going to camp out there starting at about 11:00am on thanksgiving day to make sure i got what i wanted. the line there is really bad. josh did not like this idea because he didn't want me to go alone but he could not go with me. i started thinking. there should be something that i want so bad that i would camp out for it. i feel like that is something everyone should get to do once in there life. well, it ended up that we didn't need the computer after all so even though there was something else i wanted to get there it wasn't worth it to me to camp out just for the other thing. so here is what i did.

i searched ever add and found out who else had sales on said item. i then found the cheapest and found out what time the opened, called and found out how long their line was last year, and when people got in line last year. then i mapped out the route form my first place to the next place fitting my criteria the best. i found a place that luckily didn't get campers, was the the least expensive by quite a bit and they gave gift cards to early birds. everything seemed perfect until it got but freezing cold! i have been awake for 37 hours straight. i stayed up watching tv until 2:30 when i drove to the store. i was the second person there. we made a line and my hell began. i was thinking as i stood in the freezing cold for 2.5 hours for this store to open that my feet really hurt because of the cold. in fact i am sure that the only other time have endured that much burning pain was when i was in labor. it was terrible. i have been in the heat for 17 ours and my feet still hurt. i hope that wears off soon. the good news is that i got my goal item. i stood in line for 2.5 hours and it took me 3 minutes to purchase the item and leave the store.

i then went to walmart. they opened at 5 am and i got there at 5:20. the isles were at a stand still. no one was moving. i heard an employee say she got punched in the face. i got the toy for isabella i wanted which was the goal. there were other things that i wanted also but they were gone in seconds. i knew my friend shiree wanted some transformers but i also knew these were a fast sell out and were already gone. as i was wondering around though i noticed that someone had taken some and discarded them at the gun counter checkout. i got them which annoyed several people later on. i was also able to get the last one of the toy she wanted for her 18 month old. so i not only racked up for me but for someone else as well.

overall it was fun but due to the trouble i have had to maintain my body temperature for the rest of the day, the fact that i still have pains in my feet and that i think a blood vessel burst in my eye, i hope there is never anything i want on black Friday again. at least nothing other people want too.


parenthood sucks!!!!!

i have been in isabella's room for 1.5 hours trying to get her to stop sobbing. i finally had to just kiss her tell her i love her and walk out. she is giving up her passies. i knew even if she told me she wanted to when it came time to go to bed she would change her mind but it really sucks. her sobs are gut wrenching. she keeps trying to bargain to get them back. she want to "look at them" or "just hold them" now she has gone back to full blown "i changed my mind please let me have my passies back".

hold on i think she need help.

ok I'm back. after some deep breathing (by me) and some pats on the back to the beat of her nighttime music she is finally asleep. for now.

what i am going to say next i mean with every fiber of my being. i DO NOT want any pep talks about parenthood , stories about what it was like when your kids were little or "advice" on my life!!!

now to get on with it. why in the world do i want more kids? it's painful being a parent. i mean yeah isabella is amazingly great. the thing is i don't know that i have the life in me for another one. she isn't even into the hard stuff in life yet and my heart feels like it is slowly being ripped in two. what am i going to do when her friend doesn't invite her to their party or when she get picked on or when she gets dumped? i would be so preoccupied that i wouldn't even notice another kid. but i guess that doesn't really matter since apparently i have no control over that anyway.

more later.

well, it is done. she has gotten rid of her passies. after she fell asleep i installed her present from the passy mermaid fairy. when i woke up in the morning it was to this.

isa: (keep in mind this is the first thing she said to me when she came in my room to wake me up) "did you hang up that tent?"

me: "what tent?"

isa:" you really don't know about the tent?"

me: "no. i wonder where is came from?"

isa: (with a huge smile on her face) " i think the passy mermaid fairy left it for me so i could have a fairy house too."

it was absolutely adorable. what she got was a canopy that attaches to the ceiling made of white netting with pink ribbon hanging down from it. she really loves to sleep in it. i am super proud of her she did a great job. i had to wait to post this because isabella didn't want josh to know about it until he got home so she could surprise him.



isabella switched back and forth between being Snow White and Cinderella for halloween. in the end Cinderella won. we went trick-or-treating on center street first. it was pretty fun but isa refused to wear tights and got blisters from her princess shoes after about 3 blocks. i ended up carrying her for about a mile......in a satin dress......with a bucket full of candy. she is a "healthy" girl;) she got almost a bucket full for quite a bit of effort there so i was hoping for something better from the dorms. the freshman girl gods shined upon us and we ended up with this.
we got this amount from just three three story dorm buildings. the key is to go only to the girls dorms. more of them give out candy and they each give out more.

i looked away for a minute and looked back to find isa like this.

I don't think i ever got this much candy when i was a kid. this was only from roughly 2 hours of trick-or-treating. it fills a grocery bag to the breaking point and bag weighs at least 25-30 pounds. she did earn every piece though. all in all i would say she was pretty happy.


The Boulder in My Bra. And, No It's Not What You Are Thinking

so dad, Terra and i went running from bass lake to a little past moses cone manor and back down tonight. everything was going well until we got to the manor. there was a group of about 40 people on some kind of toured walk with a ranger. for those of you who don't know, the trails there are as wide if not a bit wider then a single lane road. as we came up behind this group we went single file and Terra yelled like a bull horn. "coming up on your left"! about the last five people moved over. we get closer. "on you left"! nothing. i run up behind these apparently deaf people and say. "there is a stroller coming up and if you don't move right your ankles will probably get nicked." i still had to jump into the ditch because they didn't move. dad somehow got through and we went on our way. that is until we turned around. we thought it would be easier to get be them this time since we were running right at them and they could see us for a while before we got there. the ranger told them to move over for us and we get on the far right of the trail leaving them at least three fourths of the trail and this is what happened. we get to the end of the pack and there is a family totally bot paying attention. they had an 8 year old son who was looking behind him and the parents were looking up. dad got pretty close to the kid and here is what happened next.

Dad: "HUP!" (to get the kids attention. he avoids the kid.)

Kids Mom: "Sheesh."

Kids Dad: "You need to slow down!"

ME: ( a little irritated that they thought they were the most important thing around. OK, alot irritated.) "Maybe you should keep you kid on your side of the trail."


now what was running thought my mind at the time was this. "this is slow." here is what came out instead.

Me: "Maybe you should get out and exercise more!"

no response.

i was furious at this point and tried to get Terra and dad to let me go back and yell at him some more. i mean what the freakin' hey! why is he so important! i guess i chose that comment because i felt if he wasn't so fluffy that he was winded on flat ground he would know we weren't going that fast. Isabella was running with us for crying out loud. maybe you should teach your apparently mildly slow child to look, i don't know, FORWARD when he walks. it might make your life a little more pleasant. i know it would sure make mine more pleasant.


my hard summer

i have been doing alot of work for my parents this summer. there are always projects that my mom wants to be done and that my dad doesn't have time for. that is where i come in. early in the summer they kept saying they had things but then never actually told me what they were and where they wanted them to go. the following is the first project completed. i doubt it would have gotten done at all but i just went out side and picked a place myself. luckily the liked it and i continued. i forgot to take a before picture of the exact spot so this is a picture of the area right next to it. they are virtually the same.

it is hard to tell in this picture but this is on a hill.

after weeding i extended this stone path.

this is the picnic area that had to be flattened.

at the end of the path we have seating for the fire pit. these are cute stones mom made with each granddaughter that was here. they all have a name plate and foot print.

here is a shot from the bottom so you can see everything.

here is a close up on the fire pit i built from scratch. i forgot to add the picture but i didn't wear gloves the first time i used the mortar and it ate the pads off of three of my fingers. my whole body ached but it was cool to make it. the big downside was the fact that all the rocks you see had to be hauled down those stairs in the background a bucket at time and there were tons of rocks and very big roots that had to be dug around and then chopped.


A Little Bit Of My Brain

I delayed posting this until i did a "filler" post so people would be more likely to check my blog again soon. Hopefully it worked. We will see.

I am in the car right now driving back from Charlotte. We were down there visiting some friends. On the way home I wanted to have a drink so we got a dr. pepper. This got me thinking. There should be an extra special award for things I deem really cool. I should come up with a super cool name. I was thinking this because dr. pepper is definitely on the list. Very close to if not at the top. Wow that is some good stuff. I think I will make a list of things that get the megan extra special cool award or MESCA. Here is the beginning in no particular order.

1) Dr Pepper
2) The Geico caveman and sonic commercials
3) Video games that tone my upper body
4) House

On a side note, I have decided I like listening to my “workout” albums while I am sitting still. It makes me feel like i just worked out when it is over. Nice.


Look What I Did

When i went shopping with kaite and terra a couple of weeks ago i found an adorable cream colored dress. it was of course sleevless. my mom came to the resuce and helped me make this.

i was really excited about posting this but after uploading the pictures three times and having them still come out sideways i have decided to leave them. this is the first thing i have ever made. when i came up stairs my mom said she hadn't seen me look that girly since prom. anyway, i thought lura would at least get a kick out of it.


Conversations With Isa

I thought I would share with you some conversations I have had with Isabella lately.

I told Isabella about the paci fairy who would come and get her pacies when she was ready and leave her a present. Isa decided she must be a mermaid fairy. The other night after we put Isabella to be we heard her crying. Josh went in first and then came out and said she wanted me. When I went in this is what she said.

Isa: (crying) Mommy can I leave my pacies for the paci mermaid fairy?

Me: Do you remember that if the paci mermaid fairy gets your pacies then you can't have them back?

Isa: well, can't i just get my present from the fairy for a little while and then give it back and she can bring my pacies back?

Me: I will have to ask her and see.

Isa: Do you know her?

Me: Yes all Mommies know her.

Isa: Does she have a mommy?

Me: Yes. Everyone has a Mommy.

Isa: What is her Mommies name?

Me: I don't know. I will have to ask her that too.

Isa: Where do they live?

Me: Somewhere far away.

Isa: Just tell me mommy.

Me: I'm not exactly sure. Please go to sleep now.

Last night when Isabella was in the bath we were playing with her mermaid dolls and she said this.

Isa: Now they can get married.

Me: But they are both girls.

Isa: Well we can pretend your is a boy. What is his name?

Me: How about Michael?

Isa: Mommy, isn't that the name from your favorite show?

Me: What show?

Isa: The Office Mommy.


Merlin, I Just Swallowed a Bug

I had an interesting experience tonight. We have our sub leaser living with us the last week we are here. his American name is Richard. He is really nice. i say his American name because he is Korean. we took him to the Korean market tonight to get some food that would make him feel more at home. he wanted me to try these.

If you can't tell they are bugs. well, silk worm larva. apparently Koreans eat them all the time and josh had them several times in Korea. I didn't want to try them but Richard insisted. By the way, it took us a while to convince Isa to get that close to them.

This is a picture of me right before i ate it.

Of course i had josh video tape this since it will NEVER happen again. Click here.


My Shadow Is Buff

i was feeling rather portly the other day and decided to go running. I didn't go for the reason most people would think of. i didn't go because logically you can lose weight if you exercise. i ran because i knew it was 5:30 and the sun was low in the sky. on my route this would stretch my shadow out so i would look very tone for the whole run. i am deeply into tricking my mind. i really do start to think by the end of the run that that is really how i look. it is amazing how a shadow really smooths out all the not quite so perfect spots on your body. usually that and not the actual physical exercise makes me feel good. kind of weird huh?


The Big 100!

i wasn't going to name this post that but when i logged in i saw that this was 100. i now realize how fitting this post is since it is about Isabella and that updates on Isabella is what this blog has turned into.

i thought it would be fun to show everyone the progress Isa is making in her preschool group. before she started she couldn't write and didn't know any letters. i hope this doesn't end up being really boring.

First we have a little find the difference. she really loves these and is really good at them. i was afraid this would be a little hard since they are the same animal but she finished in about 30 seconds.

She had a little more trouble with this but got the hang of it after the first one.

We had a lot of fun doing this one. she only needed my help a couple of times.

She is doing really well with her letters as well.

She really likes the letter K because the word kite starts with it and she loves kites.

Before she did this one she usually wrote her A's upside down. she still writes her name backward though but that isn't a big deal for about two more years.


My Celebrity Look-alikes

My cool celebrity look-alike collage from MyHeritage.com. Get one for yourself.
i did one of isa for fun. note her lowest % is still higher then my highest. and she got more pretty girls. figures.
i copied josh and did a profile .

so this is the one i got the first time. i realized i could select a layout with more people and ran it again and got this one. just a bit different. several new ones and the % changed.

then i tried a new picture and got this. in this round i had about 5 asians. i never realized until now what it was that really attracted josh to me.


As i was running yesterday i ran past someone who was walking home from class. when i reached them they looked up and said, "good job". i wondered why. i was after all running down hill. after a few minutes it occurred to me that i was the only person running.

i have been running three times, including yesterday, when there hasn't been anyone else running. the first was a day it rained and we had a home football game. the second was during a windy snowstorm when the temp was in single digits and then yesterday during a cold rain/sleet. i also had a neighbor say i must be pretty intense to run in this weather. when i got home i told josh and his response was, "what should you do, take the day off?"

it is just funny because i have tried to get people in the ward to run with me but they wont go because i am to "intense". the thing is i don't go fast. to them i am intense because i run every other. i always chuckle when they tell me this because i know exactly how relaxed i am compared to most runners.

cute isa


My Girl

I told isabella to put her pajamas on tonight and she started whining. She said she couldn't do it but I knew she could because she has every toher night. I got out her pajamas for her and went to do this dishes. I then heard her starting to whine and cry. It would get ouder toward the end so I knew she was trying to force what ever she was doing to work. We have really been trying to get her to ask for help when she needs it instead of crying and screaming so I didn't go in. This went on for a few minutes and finally stopped so I figured she was dressed. I went into her room to say prayer and this is what I saw.

She was pretty upset when I came in and didn't want me to take any pictures but when I told her how cute she looked she agreed.

After the first two pictures she got tired of waiting for me to help and started pulling at it again.

I feel bad but a laughed pretty hard.


Isabella's First Day of School

I realize that this post might look like a copy of Matt's but is just so happens we both put our kids in preschool at the same time.

A wonderful French women in our ward invited Isabella to join a preschool co-op that her and some other mothers are doing. Isabella would be the youngest though and they wanted to make sure she could focus for the full two hours of preschool. She had a trial day last Friday and her first official day today. She really likes it and better yet her friend Eva is in the school as well.

I am very impressed with this preschool. They really focus on learning with fun activities. After each preschool day the mother in charge emails the other mothers telling them their child's strengths and weaknesses. I'm sure Isabella will be able to thrive both socially and academically. Plus it gave me opportunity to take these cute pictures.

Isabella was also asked to give the scripture in primary for the first time. She was pretty nervous but she did a great job. Here is a family picture to mark the event.


My Kid

I went into our bathroom to get ready for bed a minute ago and as i was brushing my teeth I looked down. That is when I saw it. A cup filled with what appeared to be a yellow liquid. First I thought it was some leftover juice. Then I remembered we haven't had any juice for days. I then smelled it and realized what it was. That's right.....pee. My child had taken a cup we drink out of and peed in it. I asked her about this and her response was "I just like to."

I knew this would gross josh out so I went to show him. I just walked up and told him to look in the cup. I got the desired reaction of him closing his eyes and trying to compose himself. I told him what it was and this is what he said.

Josh: Why would she do that?

Me: I guess because you just took her to the doctor and they have her pee in a cup.

Josh: All I have to say is she better be a genius.

Isa in the snow.

A cute picture from the past.


Happy Birthday!!!

I know that by the time Matt reads this it wont be his birthday anymore. Darn that time change! I figure he will appreciate it anyway. We miss you. Hope you had a great day! See you soon. Becareful:)

A glance at the past.


The Real Album

So I thought I would finish my post on a recent album I purchased. I hope those of you who aren't fans will still listen to the album even after I tell you all the music on the soundtrack was picked by Zach Braff. After hearing what Josh thinks of him I get the feeling that most guys don't really like him.

I bought this album for three reasons. First, we had been out shopping for hours and still hadn't bought anything. Second, I think soundtracks are a safe bet when you don't know the music on them because every song is different so if you don't like one band then you know the whole CD doesn't sound like that. Last, Zach Braff seems like a cool guy. Like someone I would enjoy hanging out with so I figured he probably had decent taste in the music I like. Plus I think he is cute in a dorky way so no bashing or I might have to sensor.

The album is The Last Kiss. It is the soundtrack to a movie of the same title. It just came out and I haven't seen it. I have read all about the movie though so I pretty much don't need to see it. It is really a remake of a 2001 Italian film called L'Ultimo bacio. From what I read the American version ends a lot happier which anyone who knows me knows I prefer.

Anyway, I really enjoyed the album. It does have some light pop music on it like almost every other soundtrack. I did enjoy the album as a whole though. I had actually only heard on of thesongs before. Most of them are mellow and some get stuck in your head and never seem to leave. I liked the fact that even though there were a few popular bands on the CD I had never heard of most of them before. I guess that is why I liked it so much. I really hate when you get a CD and all of the songs on it were singles on the radio so I am already sick of it. I also really like music that doesn't have a busy, loud sound. I prefer it to be more acoustic. This CD has a bit of both so it suits my every mood. I don't know. I am not much of a music critic. Either I like it or I don't. I'm not sure what makes me like it. I just know I want to hit the repeat button.