Yes, I'm Bitter

Since this blog was originally established for me to complain about things I thought it was high time I did.

Most of you know I'm sure (since everyone constantly reminds me) that I am trying to have another baby and have not done it fast enough for the general public. The fact that people some how think I have any real control over this fact is not what I want to complain about. What really kills me is that everyone I see is having a baby. Now, there are certain people that I am very happy for. I cannot however be ok with not being pregnant when freaking Brittany k-funk is having her second, poor little suri cruise (say that fast, sound like anywhere you know?) is being ignored, and big lips and instadad are having "the most beautiful baby ever". HELLO, PERFECTLY GOOD UTERUS RIGHT HERE!!!!

And just as a warning, don't give me any of that "it will happen when it is meant to happen" crap I've had enough.