I was having trouble thinking of a post because I was on fall break and wasn't around anyone except Isabella but after spending some time with adults I have a post.

My mother did a very good job teaching us phone etiquette while I was a child so I am a little picky about how other people use the phone. She would teach us before we could answer the phone that when we picked it up we were to tell the person where they called, and who they were speaking too. This might sound weird or that it would take a long time but it really didn't and we always got compliments on your phone manners. To help everyone understand what I am talking about I have written the following. It absolutely drives me crazy when someone calls me and says " do you know who this is?" how rude can you be? Do you really want to play a guessing game or did you just forget who you are? Next I don't like it when people call and say "what are you doing?" and then have nothing else to say or were you really that curious about what I was doing at that very second that you just had to call me and ask? I also have a problem with people who call you from a loud place and then yell in your ear that they can't hear you. Did they think all the noise would stop as soon as you picked up your phone? Josh brought up a good one that applied in the pre-cell phone era. The question of
"where are you?" did you not just call me? don't you know where you called? You would probably be surprised how mush this one occurs on a house line. To help all of those people who have committed these blunders I have made a list of phone rules.

1) always answer by telling you name
2) always identify yourself as soon as the person answers
3) call only if you have something to say other than asking them what they are doing
4) make sure it is quiet so you can hear them and they can hear you
5) lastly, know where you called.

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