Mommy Daughter Date

So things have been happening here. I just didn't feel like typing them out. Not that they were bad, which is my usual reason for not wanting to update. I just didn't feel like it. Sorry. Anyway, here is one of the things we have done. The week of Nutcracker was super crazy. With lots of curlers, tears, makeup ,costumes and pictures. In the midst of all of that Emmeline's official glasses came in. So, I decided to take a day trip with the girls and go to Southlake (45 minutes away) and get the glasses, our family picture (that had been ready for 2-3 weeks) and then go by Grapevine Mills to go to Build-a-Bear before heading back to Denton for Nutcracker pictures. I wanted it to be a fun day with no fussing or fighting where I could take the girls and let them have fun at their own pace. It didn't really happen. Apparently 3 year old pace and 8 year old pace are VERY different. Plus if they can reach each other there will be screeching involved.

Emmeline decided what she wanted in about 5 seconds.

Emmeline made hers look so cool that out of all the choices Isa decided she wanted it too. Next came the stuffing. Last year Emmeline did not like this part at all. The noise of the motor really bothered her.

Isa went first. Wishing with her heart.

Then stuffing. Luckily Emmeline was more interested then afraid this year.

Trying to find the pedal. She wasn't so interested in wishing.

A little disturbed be the stitching.

This picture is pretty much my next 1.5 hours.

I should have known better then to tell Isa she could pick out accessories. The combinations were endless. Emmeline picked out her dog collar with bells in you guessed it about 5 seconds. Luckily they have those birth certificate computers in there that Emmeline was more then happy to play on while Isa tried outfit after outfit on her dog. Its was killer and I was spent by the time we were done. Of course we still had to go get pictures taken after this but at least I didn't have to be giving opinions on stuffed animal outfits anymore. That place really exhausts me.


"Oh, That's What You Look Like"

At Emmeline's last Ophthamologist visit he told us she would need glasses in the next year. He thought she would be fine until she went into school and told us to call him if she wouldn't stay back from the TV. In only a couple of months she was as close as she could get to the TV without sitting on the entertainment center (which she has tried). So the girls and I went in to get her glasses. I should have know this would be super hard and waited until Josh could go with me. I tried SO many pairs on her and still couldn't make up my mind. Emmeline is a very hard fit for glasses to it really narrowed down out choices. she has a short stubby nose with a shallow bridge, low set ears and VERY long eyelashes. It is the perfect storm for glasses not fitting. Her doctor is 45 minutes away so I had them write down the 2 i was trying to choose between and then went to Walmart and Target to check out their choices. Target's were cute but WAY more then I was going to spend on a first pair of glasses that would probably be broken in a month. Walmart had cheap selections but pretty much only one pair in her size. We got it as her extra pair. She really liked trying on all the different kinds but was less then happy that we didn't leave with any. Her irritation only grew when they go them in but had to keep taking them on and off her face to adjust for fit. In then end her spare pare came in first.

Spares. It's hard to tell here but they are light metallic pink.

Her official pair. These stay on really well since they have hooks that go all the way round her ear. Plus the office we got them from was pediatric so they were able to fit her better then Walmart. This was as cooperative as she was willing to be. I was lucky I guess.

Who knows, maybe they will get in some flashier ones that fit her by the time she breaks these.


A Little Learning

A few weeks ago (yes I know I'm behind) I took the girls plus Isa's friend A with us to the Forth Worth Museum of Nature And Science. We got a family membership back in March 2011 and this was our first time back. I had to clear our schedule of all Emmeline's therapies which is a feat in and of itself but it was totally worth it. Not only did we get out of the house but it wasn't to a store or doctor and we took a friend! The girls all had a great time.

Emmeline felt right at home in the ambulance

Trying to hold down the siren button and drive. She had advance fine motor skills ;)

The little kid area here is far lacking in comparison to the Dallas Museum but they do have cool water guns

She stood here for a VERY long time

It was really hard to keep up with A and Isa so I only managed one picture of them. Learning to try and spin plates on sticks. It was really hard but they kept trying.

The museum is great for Isa age kids but Emmeline was very tolerant. They even had a pretty cool visiting exhibit on George Washington where the girls got to take the Presidential Oath, and see a scale model of his home. They had a hard time understanding why he wasn't living in the White House. At lunch Isa asked me to sit at a different table so they could pretend they were in a cafe in NY. No, she hasn't seen Sex in the City. The day was great up until we tried to get home. A 45 minute drive took us 2 hours. The girls held up way better then me. I was so excited to get out of the car. Glad we could get away though. Even if it was just for a day.


My Secret Society Of Silverware

I might have OCD. I say might because I know people that have OCD and they seem pretty crazy. i mean, I'm crazy but I would like to think I'm not that bad. As a matter of fact if I catch myself doing something compulsively I try to do the total opposite just to prove I can. Just to prove it hasn't got me. Maybe proving it doesn't have me is what has me? It's a vicious cycle.
One compulsive thing I just can't seem to beat has haunted me since my childhood. For as long as I can remember I have done it this way. I MUST put the silverware away in a certain order. I know it doesn't sound like a big deal but it is. First I will tell you the order, then I will tell you why and then I will explain the repercussions if I don't use said order.
First goes any big utensils like spatulas, can openers, wooden spoons, then knives, then spoons, last comes forks.
Big stuff first because they are big tough and guard the drawer in which they reside so must be returned quickly.
Second knives, they are the elderly utensil and have earned respect and the right to get back in the drawer next.
Third spoons, they are young and sweet and would get their feelings hurt if they were last.
Last forks, they are mean and bad. They pick on everyone around them and therefore are punished by being last.
If I happen to over look a knife or spoon and get the forks out I have to return at least one fork to the dishwasher and get whatever was left behind out and then get the fork back out. There are more forks then anything in the drawer. If I don't make sure they are absolute last they will gang up on the spoons and pick on them. The knives being old will have a hard time calming everyone down so it's just best to keep the forks in their "place" by making sure they are last.
There, that doesn't sound so bad does it? OK, I know it does. I'm not sure when I came up with the whole plan but I just can't seem to shake it.