Since all of you are aware of the purpose of this web site I think that the following serves you right.

I can't stand it when I write something and then someone writes something very similar to what I wrote and they get all the attention. Yes I am attention hungry. I don't think this is really my fault since I am a middle child. I need attention. I just see no point in talking at all when people are only going to respond when someone else hasn't said the same thing after me. It doesn't bother me that someone else said the same thing, just that no one even mentions that I ever said it. So just for future reference I will not be giving any updates of Isabella on this site. Since you all seem to enjoy it when josh does it better.

now on to "The Jake"( to emphasize the filth). I have started bringing a snack to class with me. As I was eating my snack one day I hear someone ask if they can have some. To my surprise, before I could even answer, I see a hand in my food. A hand that for all I knew had not been washed in days. I was in shock at first and then completely lost my appetite. This guy, even though he saw me throw away the rest of my snack has tried to do the same thing again to me and one of my friends. We now eat with our food in our laps or before "The Jake" can come and steal some. If you must ask for someone elses food then at least wait until they say you can have some. People have serious issues when it comes to things they want . They think just because the y want it then they should get it. Well, the world is full of disappointment, so I am just trying to help you experience life when I say " KEEP YOUR HANDS OUT OF MY FOOD".

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