I Think I'm Cursed

Well, it looks like my plans for a marathon this year have been pretty much crushed.  as I mentioned in a previous post, I have been having knee pain.  The nurse thought it was tendonitis so I followed her instructions and it only got worse.  It started to be come excruciatingly painful to run as well as when I stopped. 
 I have been going to student health services about it because it's free and all.  there is only one doctor there that I like so I had to wait until he was back from vacation to go back again.  he was really great about me going on and on and listened to everything I said.  we ended up taking some x-rays of my knee and also discovered that my right quad muscles are quite a bit smaller than my left, he then referred me to the trainer there so I had to come back the next day.  the trainer found nothing wrong and said that my right knee probably hurt because the muscles were so much smaller and told me to tone them and sent me on my way. 
 so dad and I go running that night.  nothing out of the ordinary and I felt fine, well, it wasn't hurting more than usual.  after I iced it however I couldn't stand up.  this was a problem since I was home alone with Isa and she wanted to be held.  not only could I not stand but I couldn't really move and it hurt some bad I was having trouble breathing.  I was stuck like this for over an hour, not being able to straighten or move my knee at all without tears coming to my eyes.  poor Justin and Isabella.  Justin called me while I was crying and Isabella kept freaking out because I was crying. 
 the nest day after class I called josh and he said the doctor said there was something serious in my x-rays and to call him.  after I freaked out I called and he said I had a floating bone mass (not serious)  and a benign cyst on my femur but that the radiologist saw something on my tibia and I needed more x-rays so back to health services I went ( for the third day in a row).  I told the doctor what had happened the night before and I was referred to an orthopedic doctor, FOR SURGERY!!!!!  I have never had surgery and I don't really want to.  apparently I have a torn meniscus (cartilage)  and the flap that is getting caught in my joint (hence the pain)  needs to be trimmed off.  this probably wont be able to happen until next month and then when you factor in rehab I can pretty much kiss a 2004 marathon goodbye:(
maybe I'll get lucky and heal really fast.  it could happen.  it is kind of cruel twist of fate to have to watch josh (who isn't that crazy about running) run his little heart out while I( someone who really loves it) have to sit there.