It's Pretty Official

Texas is killing me.  I'm not saying I'm totally better.  I do have bad days here and there but overall I am WAY healthier in NC.  My headaches have gone down, as well as the pretty much constant nausea. I have been on more medicine in Texas in the last two years then in my whole life combined!  I am just to tired of having all that crap going through my body! Sadly on Emmeline's new sleep schedule, or lack there of, my fatigue has gone way up.  I just can't keep up and I am super excited to be able to just put her in her crib and leave the room.
We have been doing a TON on vacation and will most likely have some big posts when i get home but for now i just have the ipad as my computer so i can't really do a good picture post or anything.
So...I'm not dead or anything.


Me and My Loco Burro Burrito

I don't have a traditional bucket list.  Most people have an actual list of things they want to do.  They work toward those goals and plan them out.  I can talk myself out of almost anything.  So, if I make a list and read it I would probably take most of it off.  Also, I would become obsessed with completing the list and get WAY to focused on it.  So, I basically have a quite little list in the back of my head and when I stumble on one of those things I do it.  Not the most organized way but that way I don't feel like a failure.  If I really break it down then my bucket list is really just things for me that I usually procrastinate because I feel busy with other people/things.

This year I have completed 2.  1) I took my very first ballet class.  It was SUPER fun and I learned that I have more of a Latin dance physique then a ballet one...if you get my drift.
2) I participated in and completed a food eating challenge.  I'm not sure why I wanted to do this one so bad but I always have.  I noticed early on that I ate much more then any man around quite comfortably. There was also an incident when a very sweet skinny girl looked at my plate at a wedding buffet and exclaimed "I will pay you $10 if you can eat all that food!"  It was slightly embarrassing because that was my first plate of food.

When we were in Gatlinburg my brother-in-law Tad/Tadley saw a roof top restaurant that looked yummy so we went there for dinner and I was all too thrilled to see they had a food challenge!!  It was called "The Whole Chihuahua",  I think because it was the weight of a small dog.  It was a 5lb beef burrito with everything you could imagine in it.  Including my nemesis, guacamole.  I had an hour to eat it but I knew the time wouldn't be my problem.  After some pep talks from my family I decided to give it a try.  I was SUPER nervous and was getting queasier and queasier the longer it took to come out.  I totally beat it though.  I will say it tasted really good.  My one bit of advice if you ever attempt a food challenge?  Prepare for the texture wall.  It will come.

For most of this I had no idea Josh was taping me so I am sorry I am not my usual dainty self ;)