My Reward?

Something hit me just now.  I know why I'm slightly mushier.  Texas.  I know, I know, I blame a lot on Texas but hear me out!  I hate it here.  Stay with me.  I hate it here but I can't leave.  This makes me very unhappy.  Wallowing unhappy.  But I know I have to stay, so... I reward myself for not killing anyone, with food.  Normally when I see a treat I think, "I could eat that", I then think, "you could but do you need to?", and keep on moving.  Now it goes something like this:

"Food , I could eat that."

"But do you need it?"


"That's what I thought, now give me the darn food!!"

Then I eat it and no one dies.  Win win it would seem.  Until I try to put on my summer clothes.  Then I wallow and start all over.  It's a vicious cycle littered with candy wrappers and yummy baked goods.  It doesn't help that even though I know about it, I also know I still can't leave so...I think there might be whoppers in the cabinet.


Running Where?

In Parks and Recreation there is a character named Chris.  He is a health fanatic.  Eating organic, exercising constantly and taking ever multivitamin under the sun.  In one episode he tells you how many miles he has run in his lifetime.  It's half way to the moon.  His goal, is to run all the way to the moon.  It got me wondering if other people have a goal like this?  A total # of miles that would reach a far away place?  Why the moon, did he want to go there?  Why not say "I ran to Disney World X # of times"?  Should It be somewhere you want to go?  It seems like it should be.  Otherwise why run there?
I find running a loop kind of deflating.  You get back and you're like "wasn't I just here"?  It's almost like running on a treadmill.  Almost.  I'd at least like it to be a big loop, so I only had to go around once.  Here I'm stuck running a loop that is a little more than a mile that I have to do over and over.
I'm not into speed goals so those wont help me.  I prefer the distance.  I don't care how long it takes me to get there as long as I do.

But where am I running too?


Another New Favorite

Most people know I love to go after bargans.  This includes clothes.  I hardly ever go into a store without scanning the clearance racks for clothes for the girls for next season.  Target usually has the best, and lately they have had a ton of my new favorite item for Emmeline.  Jeans.  I know it sounds plain and fairly lame but these are jeans without a stretchy waist!  Emmeline has never been able to wear these before.  Every other winter her pants have consisted of mostly leggings or the occasional elastic waisted jeans.  The problem with traditional jeans was that they would hit right at her g-tube and rub it which caused quite a bit of irritation.  But now that we are tube free I have been having SO much fun buy real jeans for my little Dumple!