I am Definitely Cursed

I thought that when I stared having knee problems I was cursed but now I know for sure. On Wednesday morning I got up before Isa because I was going to watch our neighbors son while she went to school. He ended up being sick that morning so I had some time to myself. After a few minutes I thought I heard Isabella in her crib so I walked over to the stairs. I stood up a little fast so I leaned on the window for a minute and the next thing I knew I was laying in the floor jerking. Not seizure jerking but kind of like waving my hands and legs around. At first I had no idea what had happened. I thought maybe I had fallen asleep sitting there in the floor and then I remembered where I had really been. It was really freaky and I wasn't sure what to do, I mean I had never fainted before. I got up and called my mom and josh, they both told me to go to the doctor so I called and they worked me in.

apparently I have hypoglycemia and orthostatic hypotension which means I have low blood sugar and low blood pressure. It has only gotten this extreme because of my workout schedule and have been put on a meal plan with three meals and four snacks a day. At first I thought this would be great but after a day and a half of it I can say I am really tired of eating. I have been having trouble on my runs with getting dizzy and sick so this meal plan should take care of that. I'll keep everyone posted.

Halloween 2004

We decided to go to Raleigh for Halloween this year. Becca and Joe moved to Cary so we went down to stay with them and go to the temple. We hadn't been to the temple since I was six months pregnant so it was really fun. I miss going all the time. Hopefully that will change now that Becca and Joe live so close.

Even though we were out of town we didn't want Isa to miss Halloween altogether so we took her to the end of the trunk-or-treat at Becca's ward. She was pretty freaked out but once she realized what the people were doing she liked it. Here are some pictures.

Here she is walking into the parking lot with Daddy

Holding Aunt Becca's hand between cars

This is when she discovered they were putting candy in her pumpkin

She almost chewed through the wrapper and got the candy herself but in the end I had to help her

Her Rainy Day Workout Costume

One of our neighbors ,Shiree, let Isabella borrow this costume for Halloween. She absolutely loved it. The second we got it she wanted to put it on and wore it everyday until Halloween. She also demanded on wearing her red rain boots grandma Perkins bought her and Daddy's sweat band. Pretty cute huh?

Here she is riding on daddy. I guess since she is a horse of sorts he should be riding on her. hehe.

Her cool boots.

Getting ready for a run? Looks like you just finished.

She is about to cry in this picture because she wanted me to hold her.

There, happy girl and a mommy daughter picture.

Three Down Two To Go

Dad,Isabella, Terra and I ran our 15k the weekend before Halloween. It went pretty well. My hardest run yet of course. I am not kidding when I say that there was maybe 50-100yards on flat ground the whole 9.3 miles and it was right at the starting line. Needless to say, the hills made me really sick. I'm glad I finished though. I even got to see Ace and TJ (they sponsored the race) which was really weird. People never look the way you think they will when you picture them from their voices. My knee did ok too, even with the hills. Now we only have the half and whole marathon left.

we found out that the marathon was canceled so we had to find another one. This one is in February at myrtle beach. It should be fun. Abby is coming to run too so there will be four of us. yay!