Just so those of you who come here to see me get really angry at people don't feel left out, here's one for you.

I went to the ASU campus today to pick up the Wednesday babysitter and I was shocked and amazed. The only other time I have come into contact with more stupid pedestrians is at Christmas time at the local shopping center. There were people just walking out in front of my car even though I was moving and even though there were designated cross walks which for some odd reason they seemed to be avoiding like the plague. I would love to just step on the gas in these situations and give them a little nudge across the street to help remind them that I am bigger than they are and could really hurt them. It is like there parents never gave them the "look both ways before crossing the street" speech. It is my philosophy that these pedestrian's are also the stupid people we encounter on the road. I mean think about it, why would they all of a sudden learn the rules of traffic when they get behind the wheel of a car. I think they just always assume that they should go first. I would love to have one day where I could just run over and into these stupid people and teach them exactly when it is there turn to walk or drive.

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