It is a requirement for my major for me to take a lass about what is in a computer and how it works etc. The class is one of the more boring ones I have taken because most people already know this information. Well, one day in class the teacher was passing around different pieces of the computer around the classroom so every one could see what the insides really looked like. Every thing was going fine for a while and he continued with he lesson. But then it reached a point where this guy had to pass the pieces up one row. I didn't think this was as hard as he made it since my whole side of the room had been passing it up to the next row without a problem but this kid apparently had no idea what to do. I am pretty sure, that if he had thought about it a little bit longer, he would have been able to come up with a better option then the one he did. Keep in mind that the teacher is still lecturing. This guy, instead of reaching up and tapping the guy or whispering his name or even "hey you", decided that the best way to get the other person's attention would be to simply start banging the computer pieces on the table. He did this not once but for about 10 seconds. He only stopped at this point because the teacher walked over and took them away from him. The stupidity on this kid was funny yet very irritating. Did he think that only the guy in front of him could hear it? I don't know, but what I do know is that this kid is defiantly very self absorbed.

we took Isabella to her six month check up today and she is doing great:) she is 26 7/10 inches long and weighs almost 18 pounds. Her head is still in the upper percentiles but since she is so long it fits. She had to get five shots today because josh and I decided to give her a flu shot in addition to her other four. Poor thing, she did really good though. Josh held her hand for me which was really sweet. I can't stand to do that. I usually hid in the corner so she doesn't know I am just standing there letting people hurt her. She has started moving all over the room now. She can't quite crawl yet. She can get her back half moving and her front half moving but not at the same time so she gets around be rolling everywhere. I figured that meant she could only go in a straight line but if she wants to change direction she just gets on her tummy and pivots around until she is facing the right way and off she goes. She also grabbed the entertainment center door and tried to open it this afternoon so it guess it is time to baby proof everything. I can't wait for her to crawl and walk, it will be so much fun!!!