Isabella's First Day of School

I realize that this post might look like a copy of Matt's but is just so happens we both put our kids in preschool at the same time.

A wonderful French women in our ward invited Isabella to join a preschool co-op that her and some other mothers are doing. Isabella would be the youngest though and they wanted to make sure she could focus for the full two hours of preschool. She had a trial day last Friday and her first official day today. She really likes it and better yet her friend Eva is in the school as well.

I am very impressed with this preschool. They really focus on learning with fun activities. After each preschool day the mother in charge emails the other mothers telling them their child's strengths and weaknesses. I'm sure Isabella will be able to thrive both socially and academically. Plus it gave me opportunity to take these cute pictures.

Isabella was also asked to give the scripture in primary for the first time. She was pretty nervous but she did a great job. Here is a family picture to mark the event.


My Kid

I went into our bathroom to get ready for bed a minute ago and as i was brushing my teeth I looked down. That is when I saw it. A cup filled with what appeared to be a yellow liquid. First I thought it was some leftover juice. Then I remembered we haven't had any juice for days. I then smelled it and realized what it was. That's right.....pee. My child had taken a cup we drink out of and peed in it. I asked her about this and her response was "I just like to."

I knew this would gross josh out so I went to show him. I just walked up and told him to look in the cup. I got the desired reaction of him closing his eyes and trying to compose himself. I told him what it was and this is what he said.

Josh: Why would she do that?

Me: I guess because you just took her to the doctor and they have her pee in a cup.

Josh: All I have to say is she better be a genius.

Isa in the snow.

A cute picture from the past.