A Huge Deal for Me

i probably should have waited until i had gone to all my store for the day before getting all excited about what i got. i updated below.

so i have tried to get into couponing several times but have always gotten frustrated and my anxiety goes through the roof. so i stop. i mean, i have enough things i don't like to do in my life already. well, several friends at church are very into couponing and it always stings to see how much stuff they got and for how little. so i gave it one more try. josh got me a Sunday paper and i looked at some local forums. so, with all my IPs, TQs, and paper Qs in hand, along with two girls a little sleepy and hungry we went to the store. here is what i got.

2 Glade Fabric and Air Odor Eliminator Tropical Mist
2 Glade Fabric and Air Odor Eliminator Pet Odor Eliminator (it smelled better then the clean linen)
2 Dove Ultimate Pomegranate and Lemon Verbena Scent Deodorant
2 Dove Body Mist Pomegranate and Lemon Verbena Scent
2 Dove Ultimate Cucumber and Green Tea Scent Deodorant
2 Dove Body Mist Cucumber and Green Tea Scent
4 Scrubbing Bubbles Daily Shower Power Sprayers
4 Bottles Garnier Fructis Daily Care Cream Conditioner
2 boxes Scrubbing Bubbles Vanish Drop-ins
2 Travel Size Aloe Fresh Lotion
2 Bottles Garnier Fructis Anti-humidity Hair Spray
4 boxes Eggo Waffles

I am very pleased with myself for my first haul. now for the good stuff. the cost.

Total price before coupons $99.66

Total after coupons............$9.12!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Update: i just found 2 $5 rebates for some of my items so my new total is...i made .88 cents!

when i told Isa she said "wow, target has never done anything like that before."
I said "well, you need the right pieces of paper for it to work."
her response was priceless "yeah, then her response was priceless "yeah, then target can be awesome."

here are my goodies after going to walgreens and CVS.

1 box of grape nuts.
1 bottle of Listerine whitening plus restoring mouthwash
1 32oz bottle of honey
1 schick hydro 3 razor
2 jumbo reese's candy bars
2 jumbo kit kat bars

2 bags of reeses minitures
2 bags of special dark miniatures
6 renuzit air fresheners
6 right guard deodorants

isa loved going shopping with me today. she wanted to be in the picture "for scale".

rather then breaking it down by store it sounds cooler if i tell you the total for the day.


here is what i paid minus all coupons and rebates.

$10.94!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i saved 94%. josh wants to know if i can do this every week. i'm not sure. i am pretty tired.


Isa's Birthday and another suprise

so my biggest baby is 7. 7. it makes me feel so old. and yes i know i will only feel older as she gets older so please don't point it out. her birthday fell while she was still in school so we sent cupcakes for her class. she loved it. we decided that instead of inviting a bunch of little girls to our tiny apartment we would only invite three. isa was fine with it and even chose f\some easy activites that actualy made my life esaier. she wanted to make their own pizzas and decorate cupcakes for the cake. nice for me because i didn't have to make dinner or a cake. the girls were crazy hyper though. they party flew by. they all had good time and the house was trashed. Isa loved her presents and didn't behave like as is as spoiled as she is. a success in my book.

on saturday she had her recital for dance. all the girls did a great job and isa had a blast.

then the suprise. EVERY morning is a crying fest at my house. beasue of hair. if you even come close to isa with a brush she cries. so we decided to cut her hair after her recital (she needed a bun). she chickened out a couple of times but in the end she did amazing. she held still and played with em. it also didn't take nearly as long this time. i guess i am getting better.



when em's therapists came this week they all loved her hair. her speech therapist amy was down right shocked when she asked how i knew how to cut layers and i told her i googled it. i think appalled is a better word. they turned out really well though so who cares.