Yesterday evening I had the pleasure of going to a lecture at the ASU school of music. The lecture was given by the man who invented the steel drum. I wont go into detail about the lecture because I am sure josh will be talking about it on his blog later. I will only say that the lecture was very cool. Now on to the stupid people.... The speaker talked long enough that there wasn't really time for very many questions at the end. That is, there wasn't time if say, you weren't smart enough to go up after the lecture and ask questions. This was apparently a concept that these people had never heard of. The assistant / translator if need be, was helping to keep everything on schedule. She tried to do this by saying something that I understood quite well and maybe I am a genius but I don't think that is really the case. "this is the last question" now before I started to get irritated at the four or five other people who preceded to raise their hands and ask questions I stopped to think that maybe they might have misunderstood. Did it have a double meaning? Maybe they though theirs was the last question even though it had not yet been asked. I quickly came to the conclusion that no, it did not have a double meaning. The answer was simple, these people thought they and their question (which weren't even good questions) were the most important thing in the world at that given moment. I think that this makes them not only selfish for wasting other people's time but also pretty dumb for not understanding the simple phrase " this is the last question".

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