Disney 2012

This post was supposed to have a TON of pictures but blogger hates me right now so we'll see if I can get them up later.

Not a great start to the new blogging year. Honestly the only thing worth blogging about was this and we were gone so at least I have that for an excuse. We decided to take a longer Disney trip this year and went for 10 days instead of our usual 5 or 6. Granted we weren't in the park for 10 days but the idea of it still seemed awesome to me. Now I know vacations that long with small children don't really feel like vacations.
The day before we left I woke up to a couch full of vomit. Isa had apparently slept vomited on the couch and then went back to bed to do it some more. We hoped and prayed that it was just some Isa exhaustion sickness when she perked up a few hours later and went ahead with our trip. We were spending the first night in a different hotel and transferring to our main resort for the remainder of our trip. I was sick all night. It was one of the most violent stomach bugs I have ever had. We couldn't get a late check out though so I had to brag my sick self out of the bed and help Josh transfer to our new resort. He did most of the work but I helped where I could. We were going to meet Josh's brother and his wife plus my mother-in-law in the Magic Kingdom (MK) later that afternoon so I was feeling some pressure to rebound quickly. I knew I was done throwing up and what I was feeling was just residual sickness so I tried to eat something, take a Phenergan and push through. I totally forgot the you aren't supposed to be in the sun on Phenergan and when I stood up after trying to eat my lunch a almost passed out. I felt pretty guilty but I decided to go to our room and take a nap in hopes of feeling better that evening. I still didn't have an appetite for days, which was a real bummer since we had the disney dining plan, but at least I felt well enough to be with the group. Luckily Josh was the only other one to catch it. We were afraid we would spread it around and ruin everyone's trip. Since we weren't really feeling well we didn't take many pictures at the beginning of the trip. most of the pictures were taken on the last 3 days of the trip.
We had a packed week with the in-laws. It was the first time I was able to really spend time with my brother-in-law (Quentin's) wife and I had a blast with her. Quentin and Lauren were AMAZING with Emmeline and Isabella. The girls were all over them the whole trip. Quentin had mentioned to Isabella back in October that he was going to dress like a pirate while at Disney so she HAD to too. They had so much fun sword fighting all through pretty much every park. I was surprised they didn't get kicked out.
We really had fun doing some new things we had never done before like Imagination with Figment, The show in America, The Carousel of Progress and Toy Story Mania, all of which are now on our favorites list. Josh was super excited to find the sound track of the parks CDs which plays the music from favorite Disney rides. We have listened to nothing else in the car since we got back.
Isabella got to enjoy a pirate river adventure done by our resort where they take the kids in a boat up and down the river by several resorts in a treasure scavenger hunt. She really had a blast and I'm glad we found it. It was a nice way to finish the trip for her. She was feeling pretty down after everyone left on Saturday. Well, we all were. It was really nice to have some time with family we don't' get to see much anymore.
We had a good time overall I think. The sickness seriously tainted the fun though. I'll give more details with the pictures. It's really hard to write about things that we did in an orderly way without seeing them in pictures.



I'm so behind. On what? Pretty much everything. Except worrying. I've got that covered.
I "am" homeschooling Isabella this year. It's been hit or miss since Thanksgiving. After that break it kind of snowballed into Nutcracker, my birthday, Christmas, New Years, and now vacation. Hopefully her brightness will make up for my laziness.
Em is delayed. I know that isn't new news for anyone. I feel a constant guilt about not really taking advantage my daughters desire to learn. Her delay would probably be much smaller if I actually sat and had a school routine with her. Years gone by.
The sink is always full. Laundry always needs to be done. Appointments need to be scheduled or attended. Pretty sure I haven't showered for at least 2 days. Now cookie sales are upon me. I love Girl Scouts SOOOO much but cookies are almost enough to make me pull Isabella out and call it quits. One more thing I have to do that makes me want to lay in the bed and cry. It just feels like I'm running in the world's strongest head wind. At first you dig in and try to push through. Then the wind chuckles and blows harder. Maybe adds a little rain for fun. I just can't seem to catch up. I'm here, I show up but that's about all that seems to be happening. I'm in a constant state of panic that when I get to wherever I am going I'm going to get that expectant look from someone about something I forgot. Usually I have. They give me the pity smile and say it's OK but I am pretty sure their thoughts are more like "why can't you get your life together?!". I don't blame them. I wonder that too.
I really mean to do things. I really do. That's about as far as it goes though. I sit there and think about how to accomplish said "thing" and the next thing I know I am doing something totally different and 2 hours have passed. But I still haven't showered. Can't seem to zone out shower.