better late then never

isabella has updated her wish list on amazon.com.

she also said she likes "spring" stuff whatever that means.


The Very Idea Makes Me Want To Vomit!

so josh officially announced at work on Monday that he is not returning to teach this fall because has has been accepted to The University of North Texas for his Phd. At first i was really excited about the prospect. then i remembered my life.

It has taken me since November 2008 to get all of em's services set up. that is 7 months! the thought of moving and having to set up all new CDSA services AND find new specialist is enough to make me ball up in the corner and rock back and forth. typing it even gives me anxiety. i have counted it up. this move means i will have to meet/screen at least 11 medial professionals! i have not even factored in the fact that i might not like some of them and will have to talk to more.

i think the two i am the most upset about leaving are her PT and her pediatrician. both are amazing and i know i will never find anyone like them for her. they both know me well and know i am doing what is best for Em and they help me achieve that.

i have so much more emotional stuff about this issue but my brain has put a "protection block" to help me survive until i really have to do it. thank goodness.


Spring Recital/Ballet

Isabella just finished her spring dance performances. she had so much fun in dance this year and we will be sad to have the summer off. she has been dancing around the house non stop since we started classes last fall. luckily we were able to get her there most of the time with everything going on. we have had some wonderful helpers. we took a ton of pictures so i will only show a few. she has made some really great fiends in dance this year. it was the only time she got out of the house during the week.

Here is Isa with one of her best friends Kendall. You might remember her from the Nutcracker pics from the Christmas Ballet.

Until recently Isa called this little girl number 11 because that was her mark on the floor. i told her she had to know her actual name for her birthday invitations. It's Caroline. It is amazing how kids can be great friends and not know each other's names.

Believe it or not Annika is 4 years old. She is adorable and is usually the front of all the line so we can see her.

All the girls had to wear socks over their tap shoes so they wouldn't slip back stage. they were all disappointed that they couldn't tap their shoes until they were on stage.

They were trying to be really patient while they waited to go on stage. there was a lot of "she's touching me!" the two little girls next to Isa are about to go at it for rubbing each other's glitter off. Girl fight!

Her is Oyster Isabella skipping on stage to meet her friend oysters.

They all wave to the last oyster (#11).

More waving.

Then they start they oyster dance. skipping in a circle.

London bridges.

More skipping.

"pushing" the walrus.

following the walrus. just in case you are wondering, no, they oysters don't get eaten. they push the walrus and the carpenter off the stage in the end.

Isabella's favorite park is at the end when they can all get on stage and dance as much as they want. we always do her flower pictures up there. it makes her feel like a big ballerina.

Big Ballerina pose.

this is Miss Catherine, Isabella's teacher, as the cat from Peter and the Wolf. she did a great job and Isa always loves finding her in the ballet.

The is the Alice ballerina. She did a great job.

Miss Catherine's mom owns the studio and she has like 4 sisters. this is one of them. she was a wonderful duck in Peter and the Wolf.

Cheshire cat. The did a really cool thing with a black light and a guy in black lifting her so it looked like she was flying and flipping around.

The Ballerina that played the butterfly is amazing. Isabella saw her part in the nutcracker during dress rehearsal and decided that she was going to be a ballerina that gets tossed too. side note her name is megan.

All in all i am soooooooooooooo glad we did ballet this year. Isabella has her ice cream party this week and then it's over. so sad. she was a trooper about having her hair put in curlers 5 times between all the dress rehearsals/performances/picture days we have had.