9.3 Down 48.6 To Go

It seems like all I do now is sleep, eat, take is to play group and run. It gets pretty boring. As I have been preparing for my race this weekend I realized how many miles I have run and how many more I have to go. It gets pretty scary. I have started realizing how many miles there are between the places I drive and I start to get scared knowing how many miles I have to run. This weeks race in 9.3 so I am doubling my miles in one race.

I find it a little more comforting to think of it in terms of how many races I have to run instead of miles. In that case I'm 2 down 3 to go. Thinking I'm almost half way done is a lot easier to swallow. I will have to give you an update after this race. I have only ran more than 7 miles one other time and that was when I hurt my knee. At least I know I'm not damaging it further when it hurts. It just stinks running with a bum knee.

I have a cool explosion story to tell but josh took the card reader so I'm gonna wait until I can put pictures up too.